Co-Chair:  Russell Leftwich  

Scribe: Umanga de Silva 

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xRussell LeftwichIntersystems/CIC Co-chair

Greg RobinsonICHOM
Vadim Peretokin

Chris Melo


Karen Thullner Penrad 

Kurt Allen

Laura HeermannIntermountain/CIC Co-chair

Marieke Span Furore 
xUmanga de SilvaICHOM

Peter Muir CQI 

Steve NicholsGE Healthcare 

Natalia FarishACR

Doina PopescuVolpara

Alexander DayEpic

Pepijn WortelboerPhilips
xMarc DuteauHL7

Meetings are currently held the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 10am ET.

Agenda and Notes: 

Meeting Minutes:

Publication Process

  • VP asked whether a ballot reconciliation spreadsheet is needed - the publication instructions specify that it is. MD noted that this spreadsheet is no longer relevant since Jira is being used for tickets. MD to update the instructions to remove this.
  • VP asked RL who needs to reach out to negative voters during the ballot cycle (the instructions state that the co-chair needs to reach out to voters to request that they withdraw negative votes). RL noted this has been a function of the ballot desktop in the past and still works this way. RL to follow through with this. MD notes that in Jira there is a possibility to withdraw negative votes (CM confirms). CM asked whether publication is contingent upon negative votes being withdrawn. MD to ask Lynn Laakso. VP noted that we only received 2 negative votes out of many positive votes, so percentage-wise there is no issue.
  • VP requested feedback on whether the IG contains all the necessary information.
    • Previously the version number 1.0-ballot and it is now 1.0.0. The IG Standards Status is Trial Use, the Maturity Level is set at 2 (since we have been to 2 Connectathons and 1 ballot). MD confirmed this to be correct.
  • Sushi-config: version is 1.0.0, and the release label is Trial Use. In the publication request, it now states version 2. aligned with sushi. MD confirmed that this looked correct, but noted that the path should also contain 1.0.0 instead of 2023Jan.
  • The QA has a warning that the release is not labelled as a milestone so it must have a patch version (which we do not want). MD suggested changing it to Mode: milestone.
  • VP noted that there were no other issues, other than that we have to update in HL7 Jira spec artifacts. VP has submitted the draft pull request and will submit a proper one after completing any remaining work.

Next Steps

  • MD noted that the publication request on confluence should be completed, then it should be added to the FMG agenda for their approval by contacting Once FMG approves it, the publication request will automatically be sent to TSC for their approval (handled by FMG). Lynn Laakso is notified once TSC approves it, then the publication will happen.
  • All content has now been completed for the IG, except the diagram which shows the relationships between all profiles (this is informative rather than normative. RL confirmed that we are fine to go ahead with intent to publish).
  • VP motioned to go ahead with the request to publish. CM seconded the motion. The motion passed 4-0-0.
  • CM asked how we notify the WG that the content is ready for their review. UD to send out a message (via CIC listserv). MD noted that we need to give them 2 weeks to review the content then have a vote in the WG call to approve the content. CM discussed aiming for this vote to be held on Thursday, April 13th. Following CIC WG approval, the content then goes to the FMG (UD to request for this to be added to the FMG agenda following the April 13th call).

Link to FHIR IG Proposal 


Link to Original Proposal

PSS-1893 - ICHOM breast cancer patient-centered outcome measure set FHIR IG TSC REVIEW

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