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Given approval under the Work Group’s documented decision making practices, the co-chairs shall complete and submit a Work Group Change Request to the TSC Chair and CTO for dissolution of the Work Group. Reasons for considering dissolution include lack of interest or expertise as evidenced by participation consistently falling below five members or achievement of the objectives of the Work Group. The request should seek to identify those Work Groups that might assume the work of the dissolving Work Group. The TSC Chair and CTO may propose and seek alternatives to dissolution.

With the concurrence of the TSC Chair and CTO, the dissolving Work Group co-chairs shall seek the approval of the appropriate Work Group(s) to assume responsibility for their work products. The Work Group(s) shall confirm consent by a two-thirds affirmative vote of their members casting a vote. The dissolving Work Group co-chairs shall complete and submit the Work Group Change Request to the parent SD co-chairs. The results of the attempt to achieve consent for the assumption of work products shall be reported on the request.

The parent SD co-chairs shall distribute the request to all other Work Group co-chairs and schedule a vote of the parent SD Work Group co-chairs to consider the request for dissolution within 30 days of submission. If appropriate, all Work Group co-chairs shall petition their Work Group members for candidates to join the affected Work Group in an effort to forestall its dissolution. Should sufficient members come forward, the request to dissolve the Work Group is moot.

Upon an affirmative vote by two-thirds of the parent SD Work Group co-chairs casting votes with at least 60% of the Work Groups returning a vote, the parent SD co-chairs shall submit the request to the TSC Chair who shall advise the TSC members of the intent to review the request for dissolution within thirty days. The TSC shall address the request to dissolve under the tenets of its documented decision-making practices. Upon approval, the TSC Chair shall notify the Board of the dissolution of a Work Group and the disposition of that Work Group’s work products; the HL7 staff representative shall request that Headquarters take the appropriate actions to effectively remove the Work Group from the organization.

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