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Tasks from meeting minutes

DescriptionDue dateAssigneeTask appears on
  • Patrick Werneradd Tracker Item to remove fixed value "%" from Allelic Frequency unit.
Patrick Werner2019-05 CGW WGM Minutes
  • Patrick Werner to prepare template email to contact external orgs to verify URIs
Patrick Werner2019-05 CGW WGM Minutes
Patrick Werner2019-05 CGW WGM Minutes
  • Bob Miliusto contact and imgt/hla for permission to use codesystem
Bob Milius2019-05 CGW WGM Minutes
  • Upload mCode slides
2019-05 CGW WGM Minutes
  •  Create Confluence page to track WG communications
2019-01 CG WGM Minutes
  • Change impact to implication (16913)
2019-01 CG WGM Minutes
  • Delete "Deletion-Duplication Overall Interpretation" (16935)
2019-01 CG WGM Minutes
  • Determine how CG WG could advocate for the creation of a FHIR knowledge resource (16938)
2019-01 CG WGM Minutes
  • Lots of stuff.  See notes above.
2019-01 CG WGM Minutes
  • Update wording on IG home page regarding scope (19981)
2019-01 CG WGM Minutes
  • Create new tracker to reconcile Haplotype and Complex Variant (19936) Bob Milius
Bob Milius2019-01 CG WGM Minutes
  • Remove "Descriptive Genetic Finding" from fig 5 in general genomic reporting (19936)
2019-01 CG WGM Minutes
  • Rename Cytogenetic Nomenclature to "Structural Genetic Finding" (19936)
2019-01 CG WGM Minutes

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