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The US Core project team is planning a winter ballot covering all issues logged against US Core 3.1.1 prior to 10/30/2020. Issues logged after the 10/30/2020 date may be saved for ballot discussion. With approximately 7-weeks from start till ballot the project is not considering new data elements.

This particular release is being supported by Gay DolinEric Haas, and Brett Marquard under the Cross-Group projects (CGP) work group.  

US Core CI build

Punch List

  • Approved Project #1372.
  •  Approved NIB 
  • Key issues to resolve this release:      (Offline discussions will occurs on Zulip on the Argonaut > US Core Jan 2021 Ballot stream.)
    • Must Support - Must Support Survey Results
    • Untangling the FHIR Core Vital Signs and US Core Vital Signs
    • Exploring linking terminology directly to VSAC
    • Migrating to the new FHIR IG templates publisher
    • Trackers (total =95 , voted = 85 , pending vote = 0, open = 0 , deferred =10 )
      • Block Vote #1 - Posted 10/15/20 with planned vote on 10/22/2020 CGP
      • Block Vote #2 - Posted 10/22/20 with planned vote on 10/29/2020 CGP - note, call is 2 PM EDT this week!
      • Block Vote #3 - Posted  with planned vote on  CGP 1 PM EST!
        • FHIR-28389 pulled from Block Vote 3 - from Riki Merrick - "I do not believe that systems should not have to ALSO support period as a datatype choice for the effective time - how else would a system receive and interpret 24 urine results?"
        • FHIR-27769 pulled from Block Vote 3 - Mary Kay
      • Block Vote #4 - Posted 11/5/20 with vote on 11/12/2020 CGP
        • FHIR-28393 pulled from Block Vote 4 - Hans Buitendijk
        • FHIR-27896 pulled from Block Vote 4 - Floyd Eisenberg
      • Remaining Open trackers we plan to resolve by ballot
  • FHIR IGs substantially complete  
  • FHIR Ballot Content Due
    • Reviewed open QA issues with FMG 12/2/2020. All acceptable (no formal vote required)
    • QA notes and punch list will remain at top guide till right before ballot publication
  • FHIR Ballot Content Final Content Due   

Note this release is the first of the future US Core year ballot approach.