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  • This Cross-Projects Work Group project is proposing FHIR profiles and extensions intended to fill gaps in current implementations of HL7 Version 2 and RESTful APIs currently available to implementers. This design document is an example of best practices for organizations that are planning to reuse and extend profiles and apply them to an expanded set of requirements.  This specification also identifies code systems and terminology gaps that require extensions and change proposals to LOINC and SNOMED CT.   T
  • Project facilitator/modeler:  Ioana Singureanu
  • Project scope statement: Military Service History and Status FHIR Profiles PSS
  • FHIR IG publication;
  • Summary presentation:
  • Connectathon summary slides:  

Meeting Information

Profile Design Specification

VersionDesign Document Data and Vocabulary Gaps 

  • Completed Military Occupation Profile, added hasMember(slice) . Document for review.



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  • Background presentation:
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