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TypesMapsData TypesJay Lyle2021.10.252021.11.1expanded II map cases
ProvenanceData ConceptsIsomorphic Concept Definitions

Format for recording decisions

Data Concepts

Consensus Definitions

Voting Sheet

C-CDA R2-1 AllergyConcern Mapping Version 20211122.docx

Lisa Nelson2021.11.112021.11.15

Please review the updated set of Business Concepts and associated illustrations.  Note any issues you find and would like to discuss in the Open issues page: Issues And Decisions

Only minor changes, but I have populated proposed resolutions to a bunch of rows on the issues and decisions page based on these definitions.

AllergyMapsJay Lyle2021.10.122021.10.18

several entries on issues page 

12/7: Completed term maps; updated criticality; added cases for code


Sample Transform Examples

Link to page of sample Allergy inputs and outputs.

Ken Lord


EncounterDiscussionConnectathon notesJay Lyle9/18/239/19/23
ImmunizationMapsImmunization Maps Jay Lyle12/28/21

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