Chair:  Jean Duteau 

Scribe: Floyd Eisenberg 

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Attendance at the end of this page after the minutes.

This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."

Agenda Topics

Agenda Outline

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Meeting Minutes from Discussion

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Minutes for both meetings approved by consensus
Project Proposals and PSS Review

Enhancing FHIR to address Social Services and Social Determinants - updated from previous posting. Some WGs have indicated interest in sponsoring and co-sponsoring.

School Based Physical Fitness Testing DAM - BR&R and Patient Care expressed interest

Phenomics Exchange for Research and Diagnostics IG - Diagnostics space

CapabilityStatement IG - FHIR infrastructure capability issue.

Military Toxic Exposure Standards for Interoperability - Public Health 

All have a WG expressing interest in sponsoring and/or co-sponsoring. There is no specific need for CGP's involvement at this time.

Variance Requests

No variance requests

no variance requests
Codex RT (Radiation Therapy)

Block Vote (8 issues) on STU1 ballot reconciliation issues for the Codex Radiation Therapy Implementation Guide.

Assuming all reconciliation is completed on this call, the project team is seeking the WG's approval for publication of the STU1.
The timing thus far was delayed until:

No requests to pull any items from the block vote.

Motion to approve block vote: Floyd Eisenberg/Jason Vogt: 11-0-1

Awaiting March SNOMED publication as a dependency. Seeking approval conditional based on publication of the March SNOMED publication.

Project team to send out link for QA publication review and consider approval for publication on the April 27 call.

Military History

Status Update

no update
CCDA to FHIR Mapping 

Status update - ready for ballot for May

no update - in ballot
FHIR IG & CDA Supplemental Guide for Medical Record Reviews

no update
International Patient Access IGStatus Updateno update
US Core Individual Tracker Discussions:

US Core Dashboard

Remaining from the March 30 US Core Ballot Reconciliation Call:

  1. FHIR-39722 and Reopen and redisposition FHIR-37794 as a Duplicate
    The use of Observations where QuestionnaireReponse is more applicableUnresolved Bas van den Heuvel Persuasive with Modification
  2. FHIR-40583: Change Direct Address to be part of .telecom rather than .endpoint in PractitionerRole (Jessica Bright) Not Persuasive with Modification submitted after the end date for submission prior to publication.

Dicovered Issues:

  1. FHIR-40742: Remove US Core QuestionnaireResponse Profile tag element Persuasive (Pre-Applied)


  1.  FHIR-40546 as "not persuasive" the application of the current proposal is not feasible at this point.
  1. FHIR-39722 and Reopen and redisposition FHIR-37794 as a Duplicate
    1. Re-open FHIR-37794 
      1. Motion to reopen: Eric Haas/Jason Vogt: 13-0-0
    2. Marking FHIR-37794 as a duplicate of FHIR-39722 - does not require a vote.
    3. FHIR-39722 - Support at least one of Observation Screening Assessment or QuestionnaireResponse.
      1. Motion to approve resolution: Eric Haas/Jason Vogt: 13-0-0
  2. FHIR-40583: Request to make more explicit the change in the direct address bullet to explain that both PractitionerRole.endpoint and PractitionerRole.telecom are Must Support but only need to support one or the other. Link to language
    1. Motion to approve as pre-applied: Eric Haas/Brett Marquard: 12-0-0
  3. FHIR-40742: Update added to tracker as pre-applied
    1. Motion to approve Eric Haas/Floyd Eisenberg: 12-0-0
  4. FHIR-40546 - need to reopen as unable to process the change now
    1. Motion to re-open: Floyd Eisenberg/Gay Dolin: 11-0-0
    2. FHIR-40546 - change to reject request due to inability to process the change, some of the requested codes are CPT codes, not just SNOMED
      1. Motion to approve: Gay Dolin/Floyd Eisenberg: 10-0-1

US Core - Publication Plan

Initiate pre-publication review of US Core version 6.0 today (April 13) with review by FMG on April 26, and full CGP WG approval with publication request on the April 27 full CGP WG call.

Starting pre-publication review today. Will need to approve by CGP prior to FMG's call on April 26.  Therefore, we will accept a motion to create an eVote to start on April 20 (after 1 week review) and end by April 24 assuming Quorum is met. Jean indicated that quorum represents 90% of the number of folks on this call - total on this call is 12 - 90% is 10.  With approval by April 24 the publication can be approved before the FMG call on April 26.

  • Motion to approve evote: Brett Marquard/Eric Haas: 
    • Discussion prior to vote: Eric notes that there are a few QA review issues to resolve but that the review period can begin now. QA is the change log to confirm the team accomplished that to which they agreed. QA issues should be sent to Eric and Brett via email and added to the existing Jira ticket, not necessary to log a new tracker. Linda Michaelsen asked about readability issue - especially for EncounterDiagnosis  Profile with invariants - need to scroll to the top of the page to understand the invariants.
    • Vote: 10-0-0

WGM Agenda Review

WGM Agenda/Minutes May 2023

Next CGP call Thursday, April 27, 2023 (Fourth Thursday of the month)

Reviewed WGM agenda - Thursday Q2 (road to US Core and plans for USCDI) and Q3 for for Project Leads to give project updates.

Note Wednesday Q3 is US Core looking forward, and Q4 is a USCDI design session as part of the WGM+ schedule.  These sessions will likely be of interest to the CGP WG. 


Adjourned at 1:56 PM ET.

The next CGP meeting will be on the fourth Thursday of the month (April 27).

Parking Lot Items



International Patient AccessConsideration of a variance process for future CGP review and approval.







Cambia Health

Phillips Healthcare
Brian MeshellMitre

Brian Swinkels

Wave One Associatesbrett@waveoneassociates.comyes

Elevance Health



Emma Orietsejafor 

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EMI Advisors



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Altera Digital Health





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