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ONLY use the CHECK IN button IF you are unable to find yourself in the below list, please click 'Check In' to add a new row to CPG's Attendance List.

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CPG's Attendance List is alphabetized by First Name

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    • Please update your Name and/or Company Name as needed.

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Attending WGM

Thur 2-4pm CPG hosts

Andrew Torres X X
Brett Marquard Waveone X X
Brittany Brown X X
Bryn Rhodes Database Consulting Group X X
Carmela Couderc X
Caroline Macumber Clincial Architecture X
Catherine Hoang X X
Charles Gabrial Federal Electronic Health Modernization (FEHRM) X X
Craig Newman Altarum X
Danielle Friend X X
Dennis Patterson X X
Dr. Mark G. Janczewski Medical Networks, LLC X
Drew Torres Cerner X X
Floyd Eisenberg iParsimony, LLC X X
Fran Pivonka Cerner X X
Genny Luensmann X X
Hans Buitendijk Cerner X X
Ioana Singureanu VA X X
Jean Duteau Duteau Design INc X X
Jessica Bota X X
Kathy Pickering X X
Linda Michaelsen Optum X X
Lindsey Hoggle X X
Lorraine Constable Constable Consulting Inc X X
Marc Duteau Duteau Design X X
Mark Janczewski X X
Marti Velezis X
Mary Kay McDaniel Cognosante X X
Nancy Orvis X X
Natasha Kreisle MaxMD X
Patty Craig The Joint Commission X X
Paul Denning CQI WG (MITRE) X X
Peter Muir PJM Consulting LLC X X
Rob McClure MD Partners, Inc. X X
Ruby Nash Lantana Consulting Group X
Thomson Kuhn ACP X X
Vassil Peytchev Epic X X
Wayne Kubick X X
William Ted Klein X X
Yanyan Hu The Joint Commission X
Yunwei Wang X X
Øvind Aassve X X