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NGrahame GrieveHL7
YJoyce SensmeierHIMSS
YSteve WretlingHIMSS

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Management Agenda approval
WorkReview previous decisions

HIMSS would prefer to combine the intended 2 press releases into 1, because it's more meaningful than just releasing the "consortium only" (Steve)

Discussion: IHE/HL7 have no issues with that


  • change: we do just one press release
  • rest of plan is confirmed


Communication Plan

Order of communication/publication

1) Press release of the "Statement of Principles" including announcing "strong interest" of ONC and Dutch + we are making it broader "soon"

2) First announcement at a webinar

3) Secondary announcement at events

4) Announcement of Governance

New piece of content identified for the press release: What will this consortium do? Draft elaboration is Steve's slide deck.

Task list status:

Amit Trivedi : Check consortium domain

Status: Review with legal team of a couple of domain names done. A lot of options available. List with potential options will be provided by HIMSS asap. Choice by eVote.

Wayne Kubick: Set up a call with Grahame for scope and governance (Wayne, Jürgen, Grahame), when Grahame is in Europe

Status: Grahame is blocked, we will most likely have an own governance draft first, before we meet with him

All: Define intended role of own organisation in the consortium

Discussion: The detailed elaboration in the working document is important for our internal understanding and agreement. The outside communication of this will be very brief and should be distilled from that work doc

  • Content "we have support of ONC and Dutch" is now included in first press release
  • Detailed governance for extending the consortium will be worked out in parallel and is NOT part of the first announcement.
  • Define the respective roles of each org: We fill working document as good as possible until next call. Narrative will be created out of the content after that. Further detailed work on this after that for our internal understanding and agreement
  • Define what the consortium will do? Further refine content of Steve's slide deck. Wayne will start a working process.
Management Next call

Wed, Nov 13, 2019, 8am - 9am CT (IHE organizes)

 Adjourned at 10am CT

Supporting Documents

Outline Reference

Supporting Document

Working doc for sorting out our assets we bring into the consortium
Steve's slide deckConsortium_DRAFT.pptx


  • Amit Trivedi: Draft for narrative for "we have support of ONC and Dutch" (due asap)

  • Amit Trivedi : Check consortium domain: Come up with a list of options (asap)

  • Wayne Kubick: Start working process on "what will this consortium do"? (Steve slide deck is content souce, will be transferred into a "working" confluence document)
  • Jurgen Brandstaetter: Transfer google working doc into confluence working doc
  • All: Fill working document (until next call)
  • Wayne Kubick Set up a call with Grahame for scope and governance (Wayne, Jürgen, Grahame), when Grahame is in Europe (due mid-term)
  • Amit Trivedi: Draft for governance (due mid-term)