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Clinical Quality Language is a high-level, clinically-focused, domain-specific language for the platform-independent representation of clinical logic. Although initially focused on the Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and Clinical Quality Measurement (CQM) domains, the language is general enough to be used throughout the healthcare industry and is being applied to public health reporting, clinical trials and research, and guideline translation and implementation.

Clinical Quality Language is co-sponsored by the Clinical Quality Information Home.

Project Information

Project Insight 1108

CQL Specification Repository:

CQL Tooling Repository:

CQL Page on the eCQI Resource Center:

Getting Started with CQL

Meeting Information

Clinical Quality Language comments and issues are discussed on a regular basis in the Clinical Decision Support Work Group weekly meeting.


Clinical Quality Language Published Product Brief:

Clinical Quality Language Published Specification:

CQL was successfully balloted as an ANSI/Normative HL7 standard in May 2020. The ballot was for mixed Normative/Trial-Use and the published specification includes some features that are still marked for trial-use. These features are noted throughout the specification, and listed in the Trial-Use section of this page for informative reference.

STU comments can be submitted as JIRA/FHIR Ballot Specification Feedback (

The CDS Work Group reviews STU comments on the weekly CDS WG call, Wednesdays at 12:00ET.

Trial-Use Features

The following features are marked trial-use in the CQL 1.5 specification. This list is informative only and provided only as a reference for implementers. The CQL specification is the source of truth for this information.

Projects Related to Clinical Quality Language


Reference Implementations and Community Projects:

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