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Representation of Clinical Practice Guideline Recommendations in FHIR

This implementation guide is a multi-stakeholder effort to use FHIR resources to build shareable and computable representations of the content of clinical care guidelines. The guide focuses on the common recommendations of a clinical guideline, establishing patterns, profiles, conformance requirements, and guidance for the patient-independent, as well as analogous patterns for the patient-specific representation of guideline recommendations.

The goals of the implementation guide are:

  1. To reduce duplicate development effort involved in the implementation of clinical practice guideline recommendations in clinical systems.
  2. To reduce unnecessary and/or unintentional variability in clinical practice guideline implementation.

Github Repository and Implementation Guide

Implementation Guide Proposal

Working Call:

Wednesday 4:00PM ET, Bi-weekly, next call 2020-01-29

Current Status:

Balloted in the September cycle.

All comments in JIRA, currently in reconciliation.

Proposed reconciliation discussion will occur on the Working Call above, with voting dispositions on the CDS Primary call.

Introductory Slides:


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