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Date:  2020-09-23

Quarter:  1400-1530 

Chair:  Bryn Rhodes

Scribe:  Guilherme D. Fiol 

Joint Meeting:  CDS WG hosting CQI WG



  • WG Business/Project Planning
  • Guideline Expression Language Object-Oriented Common Expression Language (GELLO) Normative Expiration
  • CQL 1.3 STU Expiration
  • January Ballots
  • January Working Group Meeting


  • CDS standards for review
    • GELLO R2 Normative Expiration
      • Uncertain adoption, possibly low. Potentially being used by Andrew MacIntyre's group in Australia. Howard e-mailed Andrew to ask about interest in submitting a reaffirmation ballot.
      • Retiring requires a ballot. Tentative decision to submit a ballot proposing to retire the specification. 
    • Order set publication R1 (V3 based specification for order sets) - stable
      • No adoption. Superseded by Health eDecisions and then Clinical Reasoning. 
      • Propose to retire.
    • VMR - stable
      • Has several subspecs: VMR logical model (stable), VMR for CDS (stable), VMR templates (expired)
    • Knowledge artifacts - stable
    • Context-aware knowledge retrieval and Infobutton SOA IG - stable
    • Decision Support Services (DSS) IG - stable
    • Other standards are all active or stable
  • January ballots
    • CQI considering a normative QRDA ballot
  • January Working Group Meeting
    • Nice to have CDS/CQI sessions more spread out over the week like in the current WGM, which is possible in the virtual format
  • Adjourned at 15:05 ET