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Chair:  @Bryn Rhodes

Scribe: @Bryn Rhodes

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2020-04-22 Meeting Agenda


New Call Coordinates

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Meeting ID: 209 701 8272
Password: 343027
One tap mobile
+16465588656,,2097018272# US (New York)
+16699009128,,2097018272# US (San Jose)

Upcoming Balloting Deadlines

September 2020 Ballot Cycle  

February 21, 2020: Submit Work Group Approved PSS to the PMO
April 19, 2020: TSC Approval of the PSS

January 2021 Ballot Cycle  

June 5, 2020: Submit Work Group Approved PSS to the PMO
August 23, 2020: TSC Approval of the PSS

Should add NIB and other ballot deadlines to this and keep it as a standing agenda item

CDS Hooks Patient View Block Vote 2 - discussion. Block vote to occur during May 6 call.

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Please review items in the block vote, we will consider it for approval on the May 6th call

Co-sponsorship Request for Depression Outcomes Project:

CQI is primary, the project is seeking CDS co-sponsorship

The project is a

framework for common definitions (expressed using FHIR/QI Core and CQL) that can be leveraged by quality measures, decision support rules, etc.

Capstone Depression - Libraries(3).pptx

AHRQ Outcome Measures Framework (OMF) to provide a common framework for describing outcomes relevant to patients and clinicians across most conditions. Stakeholder driven process. Characteristics/Treatment/Outcomes, outcome categories. Used the framework to develop measures for 5 clinical areas, developed narrative, then formalized with terminology. This project is focused on Depression outcome measures. Proposed project is to develop an implementation guide that describes how to use FHIR and CQL to describe outcome criteria, with the depression content as an example.

Question about whether it is informative vs normative track. Rationale for choosing informative is that the implementation guide is just guidance for how to construct a content ig.

If outcomes can be grouped by categories, would it be a normative statement within the IG to say that the content conforming would use these categories?

Potentially, just would want to make sure that there was a way to extend it.

There are ways within the FHIR resources/profiles to support that.

Agreed that normative track makes more sense, will update.

Recommend at least a For Comment, followed by an STU ballot one or two cycles later, followed by a Normative at least a year following the STU

Note that going Normative will mean the dependencies will all have to be normative as well

Include in the steps, connectathon testing for each of the ballots

Floyd Eisenberg moves to approve contingent on changes to timeline and normative track

Bob Dolin seconds

Approved: 21-0-1

EBM-on-FHIR Tracker

FHIR-26967 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Approved, see tracker for votes

CPG-on-FHIR Tracker

FHIR-24233 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Did not discuss, submitter not present

FHIR Standards Roadmap Content for inclusion on CQF page:

Quality Improvement Standards Roadmap.pptx

  • In the notes, spell out acronyms
  • Add CDS Hooks and SMART-on-FHIR as foundational standards
  • Consider representing related efforts (DaVinci, Radiology/Imaging, Gravity)

Virtual-WGM Planning

Joints with FHIR-I:

  • Plan from FHIR-I is to have the FMG call on 5/20 (4:00-5:30 ET) dedicated to addressing issues from WGs
  • If this is insufficient we need to let FMG know if we'b like a FHIR-I co-chair to attend one of our calls

Joints with O&O and CQI

  • O&O is seeking whether there is interest in a join session

Currently planned calls:

  • Extend the CDS WG call on 5/20 to 2 hours and invite CQI members to attend
  • Join the CQI WG call on 5/23

Virtual WGM topics:

  • WG Health/Business
  • Project Updates
    • Sponsored Projects:
      • FHIR/Clinical Reasoning
      • CDS Hooks
      • Potential Drug-drug Interaction (PDDI)
      • Clinical Guidelines (CPG-on-FHIR)
      • Evidence-based Medicine (EBM-on-FHIR)
      • Documentation Templates and Rules (DTR)
      • 1280 - Infobutton on FHIR: Should we ballot or close the project?
    • Co-sponsored projects by Work Group:
      • Clinical Quality Information (CQI) Projects
        • Quality Measure Implementation Guide (QM)
        • Data Exchange for Quality Measures (DEQM)
      • Public Health (PH) Projects
        • CDS for Immunization
        • electronic Case Reporting (eCR)
        • MedMorph
      • Cross Products Work Group (CP)
        • Marketplace Product Packaging and Metadata
      • Imaging & Integration
        • FHIRCast
      • Patient Care (PC) Projects
        • Alerts (Notifications)
        • Multiple Chronic Conditions
  • CQL Ballot Reconciliation
Did not get to this item, will consider next agenda

EBM-on-FHIR Resource/Profile Proposals: Citation/EvidenceReport

If there's not time to get to this item, could consider an ad-hoc call or asking for some time on the CQI agenda to review (CQI would potentially have interest in the Citation resource as well) and ask CDS members to join that call in support of quorum for CDS.

Will review next time, EBM-on-FHIR group will work on having resource proposals and a draft PR ready for review by next meeting

 Next agenda

  • CDS Hooks Patient View Block Vote 2
  • CDS Hooks 1.1 NIB (determine ballot deadline)
  • Review Standards Roadmap for inclusion on CQF Page
  • Virtual WGM Planning

 Adjourned at 1:00 ET

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