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Chair:  Bryn Rhodes

Scribe: Howard Strasberg  

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Management Minutes Approval2020-04-15 Meeting Agenda

HL7 Clinical Reasoning Connectathon Track Orientation

Tuesday, April 28th at 10:00 AM (ET)

during the HL7 CQI FHIR Quality Measure Project Sub-Group meeting:

Dial-in number (US): (712) 451-0740
Access code: 449751#
International dial-in numbers:

Cooking With CQL: or How to Express eCQMs using CQL, QDM, and FHIR

Thursday, April 23rd at 4:00 PM (EDT)


CPG-on-FHIR Block Vote 3:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

Requests for individual consideration: None

Motion to approve: Howard Strasberg / Floyd Eisenberg
Approved 13/0/1.

CPG-on-FHIR Trackers:

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

FHIR-26612 - vote details in JIRA

FHIR-26911 - vote details in JIRA

FHIR-26910 - discussion of extension vs first class element.  Discussion of the need for clinicians to break the glass even in the case of hard stops.  Vote details in JIRA.

FHIR-26885  - vote details in JIRA.

FHIR-26875 -  vote details in JIRA.

CDS Block Vote

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution

No requests for individual consideration.

Motion to approve the block vote: Howard Strasberg / Floyd Eisenberg.  Approved 16/0/0.

CDS Hooks Patient View Trackers (tentative)

Isaac - on the last call we had a detailed discussion about a github issue.  Proposing to separate this issue from the patient-view ballot consideration.  It will impact the base spec and not the patient-view spec.  For example, the hook definition might still just include userId, but the base spec might indicate how to access variables within the userId.

Isaac - JIRA comment 25757.  Called when the user has just opened a patient's record.  Bas says the spec needs to be more specific (i.e. called only once).  Cards may become outdated as things change within the user's session.  Isaac is hesitant for the spec to mandate how a CDS client uses these hooks.  Perhaps there are scenarios where it would make sense to make a second call.  Isaac would like to propose not persuasive.  Peter - may not want to call at the beginning of the encounter.  May want to call later in the encounter.  The timing of the hook needs to match the requirements of the hook and the requirements of the clinician.  Perhaps indicate that typical behavior involves calling the hook only once.   Bryn suggested adding language to the base spec that hook definitions should be clear about whether they will be called multiple times.  Defer voting pending review with Bas.

Decision Making Practices Change Review

  • Changing eVote practices
    • Close immediately upon reaching quorum
    • 1 week is recommended but not required
      • (1 week minimum is currently required)
  • Robert - we could expand the CDS exceptions document.
  • Floyd - they are looking for feedback first.
  • What was the rationale?  Floyd - meant to speed up getting things approved, for example if everybody voted within 3 days, why wait for a week?
  • Robert - for work groups with varying number of members, a week seems fair for a consensus-driven organization.
  • Robert - CDS and Arden WGs don't do very many eVotes anyways.
  • Robert - main concerns are fairness and representativeness.

Management Next agenda - more FHIR trackers for CDS and patient-view hook, possibly a block vote.

 Adjourned at12:59 PM EDT

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