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Management Minutes Approval2020-02-19 Meeting Agenda

CQL NIB and Ballot Plan Review


Ballot Plan: CQL Ballot Plan - 2020 May.pptx

Reviewed ballot plan and NIB

Motion to approve NIB: Chris Moesel/Guilherme del Fiol: 21-0-0

Potential Drug-Drug Interaction (PDDI) NIB and Ballot Plan Review


Reviewed NIB

Motion to approve NIB: Guilherme del Fiol/Floyd Eisenberg: 20-0-0

Multiple Chronic Conditions PSS

Patient care effort, seeking CDS Co-sponsorship

Project to develop electronic care plan for people with multiple chronic conditions

Need for coordination across care teams for patients with multiple chronic conditions

Previous approaches have been either specialty specific or disease specific

Current state relies on patients to coordinate as they are the only common touchpoint. Provider burden to track down information related to the patient.

Project aims to enable patient-focused data access to support coordination and data exchange

Project will develop use cases, data elements, an open source SMART-on-FHIR app, and a FHIR IG

AHRQ-NIDDK (Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Pain)

Approach will build CDA and FHIR representations

3 year project, but starting with 1 year deliverables: CIMS, SMART-on-FHIR App, FHIR IG, not balloting this year

Clinical Information Model (CIM) - A representation of a clinical concept with identified and specified data elements, attributes, and vocabularies

SMART-on-FHIR app is anticipated to have CDS Hooks

Project will be informed by previous work including HL7 and IHE implementation guides and initiatives such as Gravity, FHIR Clinical Guidelines

Difficult issues associated with applying recommendations from guidelines for different conditions. First round is focused on data exchange to help inform the question of resolving conflicting/overlapping guidance.

Given that, it should be made clear in the PSS that the initial scope is focused on data exchange.

Motion to be a Co-Sponsor: Peter Muir/Floyd Eisenberg: 17-0-0

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