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Scribe: @Bryn Rhodes

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Management Minutes Approval2019-12-18 Meeting Agenda

DEQM PSS Changes

As a co-sponsoring group of the original Data Exchange For Quality Measures (DEQM) PSS we would like to request agenda time to review edits made to the PSS to incorporate the Gaps in Care Project which will provide guidance in communicating (quality measure) gaps in care and to seek committee approval.

DTR Block Vote

T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

No comments (except 24740)

Motion Bob Dieterle/Peter Muir: 14-0-1

Sydney Agenda Updates

  • No FHIR-I Representation on Wednesday Q2, only Wednesday Q3
  • Additional topics
    • CDS Knowledge Artifact Specification Project Review
    • Composite Knowledge Artifact Project Review
    • Infobutton-on-FHIR Project Review
    • PDDI Project Review
    • vMR-CDS Project Review
    • CQL Project Review (decision on Normative May Ballot)

Changes applied to the WGM Agenda here:

2020-02 Sydney WGM

CQL Errata

[STU3#1875]( )

Errata in exists documentation

Persuasive - Errata

[STU4#1857]( )

Errata in ToString documentation

Persuasive - Errata

[STU4#1858]( )

Clarification of calendar durations to align with FHIRPath normative release

Persuasive - Errata

[STU4#1862]( )

Errata in ToQuantity, ToInteger, and ToDecimal

Persuasive - Errata

[STU4#1863]( )

Reflect clarification in FHIRPath normative grammar

Persuasive - Errata

[STU4#1864]( )

Update typographical conventions for date/time formatting strings throughout

Persuasive - Errata

[STU4#1865]( )

Clarify ranges for date/time formatting strings

Persuasive - Errata

[STU4#1866]( )

Clarify date/time arithmetic conversion semantics

Persuasive - Errata

[STU4#1867]( )

Clarify date/time arithmetic semantics for precisions above seconds

Persuasive - Errata

[STU4#1868]( )

Clarify calendar duration semantics

Persuasive - Errata (voted)

[STU4#1869]( )

Clarify date/time literal rules for timezone offset

Persuasive - Errata

[STU4#1870]( )

Clarify ToQuantity unit description

Persuasive - Errata (voted)

[STU4#1871]( )

Clarify UCUM unit support for duration-valued units

Persuasive - Errata (voted)

[STU4#1876]( )

Fix test for exists

Persuasive - Errata

[STU4#1878]( )

Clarify collapse and expand semantics

Persuasive - Errata

[STU4#1881]( )

Add documentation of point keyword

Persuasive - Errata

[STU4#1882]( )

Clarify equivalent semantics are used in retrieves

Persuasive - Errata

[STU4#1883]( )

Clarify inconsistent null semantics for in and contains

Persuasive - Errata

[STU4#1884]( )

Add ToConcept(List<Code>) overload

Persuasive - Errata (current implementations support this overload)

Non-Errata CQL Comments

[STU4#1877]( )

Support modular arithmetic for quantities

Persuasive - Compatible - Substantive

Consider support for recursive queries/functions

Suggested review; will defer resolution since the proposed dispositions were only recently posted.

Project Reviews:

  • Infobutton on FHIR
    • Tested at two previous connectathons
    • Worked pretty well, mapping parameters from CDS Hooks request to InfoButton
    • Question is whether there is value in producing an Infobutton on FHIR IG, as opposed to just letting implementers use CDS Hooks to implement Infobutton
    • Potential value in providing a transition path for guidance for implementers
    • But could also imply that implementers are unnecessarily constraint
    • Hear questions about which one to use (Infobutton vs CDS Hooks), but not necessarily implementation guidance over CDS Hooks
    • When testing at connectathon, what was the hook?
      • During testing, we used both patient-view and medication-prescribe
      • There wasn't a "button" we were triggering knowledge retrieval from the CDS Hook, triggers a wrapper for existing SOA implementations and returns as Information cards
      • Additional capabilities of CDS Hooks make the integration much more rich
    • Strength of the current Infobutton is in its simplicity
    • Since it's possible now, is it worth going through the process of building guidance
    • Suggest that it's worth answering the question ahead of time
    • This question has been answered several times, threads in Zulip, but mostly informal discussions or in HL7 WGM meetings
    • Suggest that at least one step is to create a guidance page summarizing and formally answering the question
    • This is potentially one instance of a more general question: How do I transition from HL7V3 to FHIR?
    • ACTION: Capture the answer provided in the Zulip thread as a page on the HL7 confluence and put it for review to this work group
  • CDS Hooks Patient View Ballot
    • Initial review of comments
      • Asked to update the userId parameter on Patient View to also be able to reference PractitionerRole and Person (following modeling of SMART-on-FHIR representation of current user)

Management Next agenda - No meeting next week, will resume after Sydney

 Adjourned at10:40 MT

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