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Chair:  Bryn Rhodes

Scribe: Howard Strasberg  

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2019-11-13 Meeting Agenda


DaVinci Alerts Ballot Review - no representatives present on the call initially.  Returned to it later.  Eric Haas presented.  Now called notifications.

Created a new set of event codes for message header.

May meet a proposed CMS requirement for ADT notifications.  Also of interest to payers.

Uses FHIR Messaging.

FDA Comments

Concerned about broad interpretation of SAMD.

What is the definition of CDS?  FDA definition vs ONC definition.  Could FDA definition broadly apply to medical education?

Non-device CDS must be for the healthcare professional (HCP).  Must allow the HCP to independently review the basis for the recommendations.  Enforcement discretion for non-serious items for patients.  FDA would use a device framework for regulation, but is that the right framework?

Is there a better approach?

Brian will provide some comments from AMIA for us to consider.

Should the guidance clarify that performance issues should be addressed locally?

Additional discussion will take place via email over the next week.

DTR Block Vote - Larry Decelles

Thom Kuhn requested to pull FHIR-24740 from the block vote.

Isaac Vetter commented that he is fine with the proposed resolutions to the issues he had raised.

Motion to approve the block vote:  Larry Decelles/Isaac Vetter.  Approved 14/0/6.

DTR In Person Comments

Isaac - not discussed

Ken - not discussed


Bryn suggested adding some explanation about how to use CQL with libraries.  There was mild concern about referencing specific versions, but Bryn pointed out that the references will become more permanent over time.

Bryn proposed a resolution (persuasive).  

Motion to approve: Riki Merrick/Peter Muir.  Approved 20/0/1.

Review Feb 2020 ballot items (signup period is open) - no time for detailed discussion, but the group was reminded that we are balloting the patient-view hook, and there are several IGs of interest.


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  • FHIR Trackers
  • CQL STU Comments

 Adjourned at1:03 PM EST