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Management Minutes Approval2019-10-23 Meeting Agenda

Harmonization Proposal from CBCP regarding CDS compartment:

2019Dec_HARM_INITIALPROPOSAL_VOCAB_SECURE_kathleen_connor_CDS Compartment_20191026215118.doc

  • Overall, CDS has important concerns about the proposal.
    • It will be challenging to label every data element for security levels. How will one make a determination if a data element might be relevant for decision support? Anything could be relevant for CDS.
    • A better approach would be to use a role-based approach on which CDS has a specific security role. 
    • There were also concerns about exactly where this would be used and whether it is needed.

Comments on FDA Guidance
  • CDS requests more time to review the specification. 
  • Apparently the regulation softened the language regarding requirement for the healthcare provider to independently replicate a recommendation. To be considered not a device, a CDS needs to allow a healthcare provider to independently evaluate the basis of a recommendation.

FHIR Tracker Items

[#21633]( - Discuss potential refinements to the DetectedIssue resource based on the ClinicalUseIssue draft

[#20728]( - Reduce cardinality of action to 0..1

[#23709]( - Add kind search parameter to ActivityDefinition

[#24617]( - Ability to reference a goal in RequestGroup

[#24675]( - Searching for unmitigated DetectedIssue

[#25056]( - Add RequestGroup as a possible result type of PlanDefinition $apply

[#24618]( - Support definitional participants in RequestGroup

[#23876]( - Change clinical-protocol to protocol

[#23841]( - Align PlanDefinition.goal.detail with Goal.detail

All items were discussed and voted on. Dispositions documented on FHIR tracker.

CQL STU Comments

Postponed to next call
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  • CDS Hooks STU Update Discussion
  • CQL STU Comments

 Adjourned at 1:00pm ET

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Minute Approval2019-10-23 Meeting Agenda