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Chair:  Guilherme D. Fiol

Scribe: Howard Strasberg

NOTE: This attendance applies if you are present at the related meeting/call, regardless if you have signed a different attendance for your WG. 


Minutes Approved as Presented 


Moved: Bryn Rhodes/Bob Dieterle.  Approved 19/0/0.

This is to approve minutes via general consent. "You have received the minutes. Are there any corrections to the minutes? (pause) Hearing none, if there are no objections, the minutes are approved as printed."

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Management Minutes Approval - 2019-10-16 Meeting Agenda


Documentation Templates and Rules (DTR) Block Vote - Sent to dss list October 12:

Move to approve block vote: Bob Dieterle/Larry Decelles.  Approved 16/0/3.

GForge link:

Status of Documentation Templates and Rules (DTR) support for STU3

  • Discussed with TSC on Mon 10/21.  Should the published guide be limited to a single version of FHIR (R4)?  The ballot had contained both STU3 and R4.  
  • Email will be sent to those who signed up to vote to see if they object.

CDS Hooks Update

  • Bryn - about 4 weeks ago we proposed a DSTU update process to update CDS hooks to add a patient-view hook definition.  
    • Process led to discussion around concurrency of data from the EHR and the CDS service.
    • Proposed modifications to hook language that are more appropriate as clarifications to the specification itself.
    • Hook definitions PSS is before the TSC.
  • Discussion about whether CDS hooks process is partially external to HL7.
  • We want to separate the base spec from the hook definitions. 
    • Bas: They are separate specifications.
    • Wait for TSC approval of Hook definitions PSS.  Ballot of patient-view hook would be in Feb 2020.
  • Bob: Similar issues for DaVinci IGs.  Considering a companion guide, which would be peer-reviewed but not balloted.  It would be incorporated into the next version of the ballot.
  • Floyd: There is a process for STU updates.
  • Motion: Abandon this particular STU update. Bas/Phillip Warner.  
    • Floyd - why abandon the update process?  
    • Approved 17/0/0.


 Next agenda

  • FDA Guidance on CDS as a medical device
  • CQL STU comments
  • FHIR Trackers
  • Comments on patient-view/CDS hooks spec.  Discuss STU update of the base spec.

 Adjournment1 PM EDT Adjourned at

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Minute Approval2019-10-16 Meeting Agenda