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Chair:  @Bryn Rhodes

Scribe: @Guilherme del Fiol





Bryn Rhodes (Chair)

Guilherme Del Fiol

Chris Moesel

David Waters

Floyd Eisenberg

Lisa Anderson

Tom Reese

India Duncan

Andrey Soares

Rob Samples

Robert Dieterle

Brian Alper

Isaac Vetter


Bas van den Heuvel

Agenda Topics

  • NHS Digital Use Case Review - David Waters:
    • Diagnostic decision support use case (111 call system in the UK) where the CDS iteratively asks questions to the patient and decides which question(s) to ask next based on answers to previous questions.
    • Why not implement the questionnaires as a SMART on FHIR app, with calls to a CDS service that determines the next questions?
      • There is a requirement for different displays depending on the user (e.g., EMS).
    • The CDS Hooks interactions could pass Questionnaire and QuestionnaireResponse resources back and forth.
      • CDS service may send a "questionnaire" card with a Questionnaire resource or a URL pointing to the Questionnaire resource. Client systems should know how to render the questionnaire for display.
      • How would the client communicate the questionnaire response back to the service?
    • At the end of the scenario, the CDS makes a final assessment about the patient and may redirect to another service for further actions
    • Action item: scenario at CDS Hooks Connectathon for prototyping
  • Block Vote for DTR - Robert Dieterle
    • Robert Dieterle motions / Floyd Eisenberg seconds - 9/0/3
  • Review IG Proposal for FHIR Alerts - Robert Dieterle
    • Standard FHIR exchange structure for alerts using R4 - communicate from any organization to the patient's care team that a particular event occurred, such as hospital admission or discharge
      • Includes the encounter, the providers involved, and any other relevant resources such medications
      • Does not specify publish subscribe mechanism
      • Intent to ballot in September
    • Concerns about overlap with FHIR subscription mechanism. Da Vinci should build on top of ongoing work under FHIR Subscription
    • Discussion to be continued next week
  • Review Hook Definitions PSS - not discussed, postponed to next week

Upcoming Meetings

July 10th:

  • CPG-on-FHIR Initial Content Review
  • Additional ANF discussion (confirmed)
  • Review IG Proposal for FHIR Alerts (continuation from previous week)
  • Review Hook Definitions PSS - not discussed, postponed to next week
    • Review balloting/publication timeline
    • Submit to FMG for review/approval
    • Create IG Proposal