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Chair:  @Bryn Rhodes

Scribe: @Guilherme Del Fiol

NOTE: This attendance applies if you are present at the related meeting/call, regardless if you have signed a different attendance for your WG. 


  1. Bryn Rhodes
  2. Dennis Patterson
  3. Lisa Anderson
  4. Philip Warner
  5. Thomas Reese
  6. Floyd Eisenberg
  7. Charles Lamb
  8. Bas van Den Heuvel
  9. Guilherme Del Fiol
  10. David Waters
  11. Farzanah
  12. Howard Strasberg
  13. Thomas Kuhn
  14. Yan Heras
  15. Jeremy Audino

Agenda Topics

  1. NHS Decision Support STU3 to R4 and CDS Hooks - David Waters (NHS) (Slides: R3 to R4 v2.pptx)
    1. Several challenges in migration from STU3 using ClinicalReasoning to STU4 using CDS Hooks. 
    2. Use of CarePlan vs. GuidanceResponse in a CDS Hooks response using FHIR R4. Bryn uses GuidanceResponse wrapping a CarePlan. Those are transformed by the CDS service into the CDS Hooks response.
    3. CDS Hooks endpoints are defined/registered by UI-driven hooks. There is no capability to trigger a CDS request based on data triggers.
    4. CDS Hooks does not support need to ask user for additional data (e.g., via a FHIR Questionnaire and QuestionnaireReponse). Not well-worked out in the CDS Hooks spec. A potential alternative is to launch a SMART on FHIR app that would cover the additional data capture.
    5. Need for iterative CDS requests based on the response to an initial request, including the potential of calling a different service depending on user data entry requested a result of a first CDS response. 
    6. Potential overall approach to close gaps is to use ClinicalReasoning to support the more advanced components of the use cases and CDS Hooks to support interactions with EHR.
    7. Resume discussion in 2 weeks at CDS call and potentially Montreal connectathon.
  2. Montreal schedule planning - 2019-05 Montréal WGM
    1. CQL reconciliation
    2. PDDI hooks discussion
    3. Medication Knowledge resources
      1. Need to find time to meet with Pharmacy.
    4. Population Definition in CPG-on-FHIR/EBM-on-FHIR
  3. Next week's agenda
    1. Revisit Montreal agenda. Bryn to follow-up.
    2. Clinical Reasoning Connectathon planning - 
      1. Orientation/Planning Call: Thursday, April 11th, 3:00PM ET -
    3. EBM-on-FHIR Connectathon