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Chair:  @Guilherme Del Fiol



  1. Ken Kawamoto
  2. Dennis Patterson
  3. Lisa Anderson
  4. Philip Warner
  5. Rik Smithies
  6. Thomas Reese
  7. Brian Alper
  8. Floyd Eisenberg
  9. Charles Lamb
  10. Zach May
  11. Bas van Den Heuvel
  12. Peter Muir


  1. Updated on potential drug-drug interactions (PDDI)
    1. Leveraging new CDS Hooks - order-select
    2. Resources that should be included in the context of an order-select hook
      1. Bundle of MedicationRequests - already specified as required element in the current hook spec -
      2. DetectedIssue in the CDS hooks response 
        1. There needs to be a way for the FHIR server to assign an id to the DetectedIssue resource. Proposal to include DetectedIssue within the context of the request with an ID assigned by the FHIR server.
    3. Referring to draft resources (e.g., MedicationOrder) in the request. EHRs may need to assign at least a temporary id to medications being ordered/selected.
  2. Review of proposed medication resources relevant to CDS
    1. IndicationDefinition, ContraindicationDefinition, InteractionDefinition, UndesirableEffectDefinition
    2. Proposals available under Medication Definition on FHIR spec. Will take to FMG to request approval to proceed. 
    3. There is potential synergy especially with the PDDI implementation guide. For example, CQL logic could refer to resources such as InteractionDefinition.
    4. Motion for CDS to support the overall concept of definition resources for medication information and endorses the resource proposals of these to FMG. CDS WG will receive regular updates on the progress. Rik Smithies moves/Thomas Reese seconds. 10 affirmative/0 negs/0 abstain.