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  1. The Mover, the Chair, or their designee should create this page.
    1. Value the Title of the Page above with the item to be decided upon.
    2. Value the Mover in the Moved row
    3. Value the Owner of the content in the Owner row.
    4. Value the Project Insight ID in the corresponding row.
    5. Create a link to the content in the Project link row.
    6. Save this page
  2. Send a link to this page to the listserv.
    1. Indicate that the mover is proposing the following motion with the consent of the chair.
    2. Include the motion. What is the content that is to move forward? Why?
    3. Include a link to this page.
    4. Indicate that you are in need of a second.
    5. Indicate that the vote will open once a second and express consent from the chair are received. There will be 2 days of discussion, followed by 3 days of voting. (Using weekdays)
      1. If a second is received, but there has not been express consent from one of the co-chairs, then we will wait 1 business day from receiving the second before moving into discussion. (Chair consent will be implied and quorum will still be required on the vote which requires a co-chair vote.)
  3. Upon receiving the second and the chair's express or implied consent, update this page.
    1. Populate the member for the Second row.
    2. Populate the drop-down for the Chair status.
    3. If you have consent, set the Date Discussion Opened.
  4. Send another message to the listserv.
    1. Indicate that the motion is now open for 2 days of discussion. Identify the date/time that the discussion will close and the voting will open.
    2. Identify the date/time that the voting will close after that.
    3. Be sure to record any key discussion points onto this page.
  5. After 2 days, update this page again.
    1. Set the Date Voting Opened.
    2. Send a new message to listserv.
      1. indicate that the motion is open for 3 days of voting. Identify the date/time the voting will close. Identify that quorum is chair + 3.
      2. Provide the link to this page and encourage them to come here and vote before the deadline.
  6. You can send a reminder the day before it closes, especially if the voting is low.
  7. On close day, you will need to update this page.
    1. Set the Date Closed.
    2. Tally the votes and record them in the Affirm-Negative-Abstain row in the form of ##-##-##.
    3. Change the Status row by selecting the word and choosing the appropriate drop-down value (Approved, Tabled, Rejected).
    4. Save the page.
    5. Notify the listserv and the Owner. There may be others interested in the outcome as well, but those would be beyond the scope of these instructions.
Title of item up for approval w/linkVoteDecision

This is the publication request for the C-CDA Scorecard Rubric. It has been reviewed by the SDWG. It is now up to the CDAMG to approve. A link to the document is at the following: Publication Request for C-CDA Rubric Criteria, Informative Guide, Release 1

Holding this vote until our CDA MG meeting on . One of our members has brought up some concerns with some language in the document as it currently stands. We should see if that can be addressed prior to publication.

This was discussed during our CDA MG group meeting on Matthew Rahnand Gay Dolinwere in attendance and there was time spent on process for reviewing documents that have been approved by Structured Documents and whether it is appropriate to raise concerns at this point. The problem is that CDA MG is one of the final reviews before the document is published and our review can prevent the document from getting published after it has already gone through all the reconciliation and review by Structured Documents and it has been approved for publication.

There is frustration from the SD team for changes that come back now that are beyond just technical corrections. The feeling is that other changes should be brought up and discussed during reconciliation review.

It was also proposed getting more notice to CDA MG for items in the pipeline and getting drafts of documents to CDA MG sooner so they can start reviewing the document and provide feedback before the final document is delivered to them for publication approval.

For the purpose of today's vote, the decision was made not to delay the publication of the current Informative document based on the comments made within the CDA MG group.

The comments will be saved for future updates/revisions to the document.

The vote moved forward and was completed at the meeting. Final tally was 07-00-00.

Publication Submission Request

Choices Your Vote Current Result: (4 Total Votes)
abstain Publication Submission Request
0 Votes , 0%
affirmative Publication Submission Request
4 Votes , 100%
negative Publication Submission Request
0 Votes , 0%
refer to telecon Publication Submission Request
0 Votes , 0%
Pending Voters :



MovedAndrew Statler
SecondRaychell Fernandez
Date Created

Apr 30, 2020 14:31

OwnerMatthew Rahn
Project Insight ID
Project link

Publication Request for C-CDA Rubric Criteria, Informative Guide, Release 1


Date Discussion OpenedAPR 29, 2020 10:00 AM EST
Date Voting OpenedMay 02, 2020 10:00 AM EST
Date ClosedMay 06, 2020 1:34 PM EST

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  1. Vote taken on CDA Management Group - 2020-05-06 Meeting notes