Lisa R. Nelson, MaxMD


Linda Michaelsen,  Optum


John D'Amore, More Informatics


Giorgio Cangioli, HL7 Italy


Yan Heras, Optimum eHealth LLC


Raychelle Fernandez, Dynamic Health IT

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Zabrina Gonzaga, Lantana
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David Carlson,  Medical Informatics Engineering
Didi Davis, Sequoia Project 

Quorum: Co-Chair +1

Guest(s):  Anne Wizauer, Susan Rand, Natasha Kreisle

HL7 CMG Minutes

Location: Online

Date:  2023-04-05

Time: 1:00 - 2:30 PM Eastern

FacilitatorYan Heras (1-2pm)
Lisa Nelson (2-2:30)
Note Taker(s)John D'Amore

HL7 Antitrust Policy

Professional Associations, such as HL7, which bring together competing entities are subject to strict scrutiny under applicable antitrust laws. HL7 recognizes that the antitrust laws were enacted to promote fairness in competition and, as such, supports laws against monopoly and restraints of trade and their enforcement. Each individual participating in HL7 meetings and conferences, regardless of venue, is responsible for knowing the contents of and adhering to the HL7 Antitrust Policy as state in 05.01 of the Governance and Operations Manual (GOM).

User Submitted Topics

Want to submit a topic for CMG to discuss?   Add the item to the table below under 200 - User Submitted Topics

Agenda Topics 

CMG Co-Chairs can view the Zoom login credentials to host this meeting by logging into, Resources > Work Groups > CDA Management Group > Utilities tab.
To prevent 'Zoom bombing', do NOT put Zoom information on any Confluence page.

Meeting Overview

  • Meeting Planning (first 15 mins)
  • Standing Topics (next 30 mins)
  • Topics For This Week (last 45 minutes)

Meeting Agenda

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NbrAgenda OutlineAgenda Items / TasksTimeDiscussionActions Items / Decisions

Meeting Planning

Review Agenda Items

  • Review User 200 - Submitted Topics
  • Allocate time to each item;
  • Revise the order of the items based on priority (change the Nbr);
  • Sort Agenda by Nbr
  • Review CMG Action Items
15 min

08Standing Topics (target 30 min total)Agenda Items / TasksTimeDiscussionActions Items / Decisions
10Call to order and Quorum determination
  • Attained

Attendance Review 
If attendance gathering is cumbersome, we can view the Zoom attendance report.

2 min

20Review and Approve Prior Minutes
(approve by general consent)

2023-03-29 CMG Meeting Notes

  • Approved by General Consent

3 min

25Welcome Guests / New CMG Co-Chairs
1 min


Review CMG Schedule

Review upcoming CMG Co-Chair Schedule on the following page to identify potential conflicts:
CMG Meeting Notes & Rotating Co-Chair Schedule

CMG Chair Rotation Worksheet:

CMG Attendance Tracking:

4 min

CMG Announcements

CMG Announcement Drafts - vote on publishing these drafts:
No new drafts

5 minDid not get to this. ACTION: Lisa to create an annoucement for review next week (or we can craft on 4/12) 
50Perform Project Proposal Reviews

Review Project Proposals
New Project Proposal: PSS-2186 - Getting issue details... STATUS

For proposals reviewed by CMG, CMG to determine if they need to be part of any new Project Proposals

  • Should CMG be involved or not?
  • Only items for CMG should be discussed at full meeting

How to:

  • CMG documents it's interest in the in the Decision column in the Decisions cell to the right AND in each Jira Project Proposal by using the following verbiage (select Does/Does not accordingly):

CMG has reviewd and DOES/DOES NOT need to be involved.

CMG has reviewed and would like to be included as an INTERESTED PARTY/CO-SPONSOR/SPONSOR)

5 minCarry to next week

Perform Project Scope Statement Reviews for those requesting CMG Review

Here are the PSS's that have a Sub Task of "CMG Review":
No new PSSs

Dave H. to also review Withdrawal/Reaffirmation Confluence PSS's, (which aren't listed in the Jira list above) at:

Here are all the PSS's in Consensus Review (includes PSS's that CMG does not need to review/approve):
Project Scope Statements 

0 min


Review Publication Requests

Other requested Approvals (Pub Requests, etc.):
CMG Approvals Log - Current Year

20 mins

Pharmacy Templated CDA IG review
6-0-0 Lisa N / Linda M
Contingent on the following six things to be resolved: 

  1. Deprecate past versions in
  2. Asking art-decor to generate schematron
  3. Fix the links to schema and schematron in _Readme.txt
  4. Add an example (that validates to schema/schematron)
  5. Change the header and filename from "R1" to "E1" (Recommend not required since not yet GOM adopted)
  6. Post a zip file under input folder (edit publication request form)    

Approval of PACP CDA publication request. 4-0-0 Linda M / John D contingent upon the following changes: 
- Change the header for Vol2 (it says Vol1)
- For both Vol1 and Vol2, the title should have Edition (not Release) and filename/headers to E1 from R1 and repost to Github and update _Readme.txt
- See if page numbers are working
- Create an input folder with current release with PDF (ok to keep backup folders) 

ACTION: John to complete the remaining items on CMG checklist portion and email TSC 
80TSC Updates

Any CDA IG updates from the TSC (reaffirmations, STU extensions, etc) that results in updates to the WIP CDA Implementation Guide List

0 min

95Product Management Council Updates

<Dave H. to add/remove this entry each week>

Note: This discussion only needs to occur after the PMC call that happens every other Friday:


0 min

100Topics for this week  (last 60 minutes)Agenda Items / TasksTimeDiscussionActions Items / Decisions
110IAT Planning
10 minDiscussed and should remain two days as some people have already registered and benefit of having 1 day more "workshop" and "examples" after first day with more formal agenda.  
120Discuss possibility of representing application/json+fhir in CDA nonXMLBody

5 min

Move to next week

130May 2023 WGM+ Checklist

WGM Prep Checklist for CMG - 2023 May

5 min

Carry forward to next week

140Planning for CMG Membership


5 min

Carry forward to next week






User Submitted Topics

Agenda Item

OutlineItem TimeSubmitter
205Annual Cycle of Work Slide

Annual Cycle of Work Slide

JAN-FEB Governance/Operations

JAN-DEC Product Quality Plan
JAN-DEC Project work and Administrative Work

The above comes from:

10 minCMG Leaders
210Roadshow Deck

Should we be thinking about touching base with more people on our roadshow? 

10 min

Carry forward to next week





300Future Agenda Topics

The following are placeholder agenda items; they appear on future agendas so they're not forgotten; move them up as needed for each call






Adjourned:  2:33 pm

Project Updates

Review of current projects - found here CMG Projects Page.

Parking Lot Items

Parking Lot Agenda Item


Status / Action


CDA Tools area

  1. Review of the Website for the CDA Tools area. and the CMG Work Group area. 
    3. Details on Google doc - please add where your name is


Review of Quality Plan

  1. Review of Quality Plan and address question from Melva  
    1. Adding a IG Proposal -
      1. CMG would give it a code that is used in Jira and Github repository. 
      2. Aligns with FHIR FM process
      3. Discussed adding 
        1. Look at redundancy between PSS and needs here
        2. Consider only doing if you need an HL7 Jira tracker or HL7 Github location (i.e not some international implementation guides)
      4. Would add to Jira tracker area 
      5. Would add Github repository location - advantage can be updated separately from ballot
        1. Examples
        2. Schematrons
        3. Stylesheets
    2. Confluence Page being created - Review page at Working Group meeting - 
    3. Review Master Grid for what should be there after Web publishing

  • Product Roadmap Update - complete this after thinking through CDA Publishing Evolution - January

ADDITIONAL TOPICS (Handled for each WGM)
  • Book Monday Q4 for CMG; Joint with SD on Wed Q2 (SD host); Joint with PC on Thur Q2 (PC host)

ADDITIONAL TOPICS (Handled Annually in June - Aug
  • Annual items:
    • Co-chair confirmations  - (Voting completed by end of July)
      • Current CMG member term renewal pattern
        • Even Years: Brett, Jean, Raychelle, Yan, Emma, Giorgio 
        • Odd Years: Lisa, Linda, Rick, Andrew
      • Update CMG member contact information, if needed
    • Review and Update Mission, Vision, Objectives, Decision Making Practices
    • Review and Update Roadmap

Balloting Timeline

Balloting schedule (confirm on HL7 Calendars and FHIR specific dates)

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