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The Clinical Document Architecture Management Group (CDA-MG) provides day-to-day oversight of the processes related to Clinical Document Architecture (CDA) products throughout their life-cycle. This includes ensuring CDA product quality, monitoring scope and consistency with Standards Governance Board (SGB) principles and aiding in the resolution of CDA related intra and inter-work group issues.


The CDA-MG will focus its energy on enabling and ensuring the following:

  • CDA development is coordinated and consistent across the organization and of high quality
  • Work groups have timely feedback and guidance and their development of CDA products are aligned with the broader goals of HL7 and its constituent communities
  • Work groups act in a coordinated manner with quick resolution of CDA related disputes
  • Work groups understand what is expected of them and have access to the skills and tools necessary to perform their domain specific CDA related work
  • Known Product Family risks are recorded, managed, and reviewed regularly per the SGB precept on vitality assessment.

CDA Management Group Terms

 Issues that need to be addressed by the CDA Management Group

  • If you have an issue that the CDA Management Group needs to address, you can log it to the JIRA for CDA_MG.
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The team

Phone: 401 219 1165
Position: Principal Informaticist
Department: Marketing and Business Development
Location: Westerly, RI 02891
Open for EHR Implementer

Phone: 504.309.9103
Position: VP
Department: Development
Location: New Orelans

Open for Representative with International experience

Phone: 612-632-6664
IM: live:lmichlsen
Position: HL7 Subject Matter Expert
Department: Optum Data Exchange (ODX)
Location: St Louis, Missouri

Phone: 816-201-3336
Position: Director & Solution Strategist
Department: Platform Development, Interop
Location: Kansas City, MO

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