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Project meeting schedule

The Real-time Pharmacy Benefit Check project meets the second and fourth Friday between 3-4 pm ET. If you are interested in participating in project activities, please contact us.


The focus of the CARIN RTPBC project is to develop a co-branded HL7 FHIR® and NCPDP implementation guide for a consumer-facing realtime pharmacy benefit transaction that brings together a patient's pharmacy benefit information and a discount or cash price for a specific medication.  

The project seeks to centralize existing, disparate efforts to accomplish RTPBC, to vet and develop best-in-class policies to accomplish RTPBC, and to collaboratively implement RTPBC with a broad set of stakeholders, including Congress, CMS, and the White House who have expressed strong support for RTPBC solutions.

The CARIN RTPBC Patient Facing Data Elements (this is still in process and should not be viewed as final) and the PSS for CARIN Consumer-facing Real-time Pharmacy Benefit Check 

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