CARIN has aggregated clarifying questions from the industry regarding the CMS Patient Access and Interoperability rule and sent them to CMS for their written answers. We will post the documents and emails we have sent to CMS below along with their responses. The documents will show CARIN’s questions (in black) and the CMS answers (in red).

DaVinci has also posted their questions and answers from CMS on this page.

Here are the list of CARIN questions and the responses we have received from CMS. 

1) Set of questions (black) and CMS answers (red) regarding the definition of 'maintain' and DOS 1/1/2016 (from an email below from Denise St. Clair (CMS) on 8/16/2020)

2) Question/Answer Session with Denise St. Clair (CMS) on 10/29/2020 at the Da Vinci Education and FHIR Implementation Event

3) Email from Denise St. Clair (CMS) on 10/27/2020 regarding payers not being required to send dental and vision claims until they are included in a published HL7 STU version (STU2 or later) 

Patient Access API and Vision Dental Claims.msg

4) Email from Denise St. Clair (CMS) on 10/20/2020 regarding the topic of payers sending unstructured clinical data. 

An update on the USCDI and the Patient Access API.msg

5) Email from Denise St. Clair (CMS) on 10/8/2020 regarding personas and patient access stories

Review of Personas and Patient Access Stories.msg

6) Email from Denise St. Clair (CMS) on 9/23/2020 asking for a specific definition of 'adjudication'

Definition of adjudication.msg

7) Email from Denise St. Clair (CMS) on 8/16/2020 regarding the definition of 'maintain' and DOS 1/1/2016

CARIN questions for CMS.msg

8) Email from Denise St. Clair (CMS) on 7/9/2020 asking about whether payers can, as an option, map the clinical data in their claims system directly to USCDI

Mapping clinical information in the claims data to US Core USCDI.msg

9) Email from Denise St. Clair (CMS) on 5/21/2020 asking to clarify requirements around payer-to-payer data exchange and the 1/1/2016 DOS

Payer-to-payer data exchange.msg

10) Email from Denise St. Clair (CMS) on 5/18/2020 regarding the definition of encounter data

Definition of encounter data.msg

11) Email from CMS on 3/17/2021 indicating an application should not be required to register to use the Provider Directory API

Provider API Question_03172021.pdf

12) Question/Answer Session with Lorraine Doo and Alexandra Mugge (CMS) on 4/14/2021 at the CARIN Virtual Connectathon 3

Third Video: Passcode: n1&YQZY?

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