Updated 9/12/2023

CARIN Alliance Updates at the HL7 General Session

Updated 7/24/2023

CARIN IG for Blue Button Reference Implementation

The CARIN Blue Button IG Reference Implementation is now live!

  • The client is here:
  • Client Auth:
    • Patient Access FHIR Server:
    • Client ID: 7d283a6c-6289-4f80-9dc4-df5e5a8b70af
    • Client Secret: ZYr0AserNMV3EOT5WlsQCrm1HmvR4b0AJyitFJxeYnJ03mpfjxnz5h8w3QsclvzxRuH2QBq29bjCDpsvp7EQEUxj1lACrRcm6k4N0Miv1Hx7oHIaMiLKm5QQyciQrfZSkvGKq5f3U3G5JYEy268NaSZeMLMksg6ZewFkTzwxHatBzx54Ud2P0XusA9dvpeATYmq4f0Po3oAzj337gAQC3aHBi3z05wSZq3GGRMrPBG3IjlpBuxEGTIedjUvtVuLc
    • Scopes: launch/patient patient/*.read offline_access openid fhirUser
  • User Credentials (CPCDS Server Login):
    • Username: Patient1
    • Password: password

July 2023 CMS Connectathon

Welcome to the CARIN Alliance

The CARIN Alliance is a bipartisan, multi-sector collaborative working to advance consumer-directed exchange of health information.


Convened by David Blumenthal, David Brailer, Aneesh Chopra, and Mike Leavitt in early 2016, its members include leading U.S. organizations in three categories:

  • Consumers – Consumer advocates, purchasers, and others.
  • HIPAA covered entities – Providers, plans and clearinghouses, and their business associates.
  • HIPAA non-covered entities – Consumer-facing digital health apps, devices and services, consumer platforms, researchers, and infrastructure firms including standards setting organizations, identity providers, certifiers, and data exchange networks.

 To learn more, click here.

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Key Contacts

CARIN Board Members and Community Members

Project Contacts






Ryan HowellsPrincipalLeavitt Partners

Program Manager
Dave LeeDirectorLeavitt Partners

Policy, Real-time Pharmacy Benefit Check, Trust Framework projects
Mark RobertsManagerLeavitt Partners

Lead for the CARIN IG for Digital Insurance Card, Co-Lead for CARIN IG for Blue Button, Connectathons, Contracting
Ashley HudakAssociateLeavitt Partners

Digital Identity and Trust Framework projects
Jourdan LauresOperationsLeavitt PartnersMembership, Mailing Lists, Meeting Invites, Quarterly
Pooja BabbrahSenior ConsultantPoint of Care Partners

Lead for the CARIN Consumer-facing real-time pharmacy benefit check implementation guide
Amol Vyas
VP of InteroperabilityNCQA

Lead for the CARIN Blue Button implementation guide
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