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Information Sharing

  • CARIN presented the Common Payer Data Set at the AHIP conference in Nashville

RTPBC in Part D Proposed Rule

    • The project should provide comments to the proposed rule
    • Some of the early feedback included comments from members who felt that there are both costs and benefits to allowing any standard to be use and by broadening the options it may make it more difficult to narrow down the options at a later time and may increase costs for some EHR vendors who would then need to be compatible with many more standards
    • Members agreed that the cash price should be included for both patient and provider
    • There was also agreement that there should be a payer agnostic portal/service where the payer can share their data with a third-party service

Project Objective, Process, and Timeline

  • Creation of a Common Data Set for RTPBC
  • Creation of an Implementation Guide
    • Listing the required and situational data elements (What)
    • Defining the manner in which the fields and data elements are displayed (How)
    • Developing reference implementations
    • Collaboration with SDOs (NCPDP, HL7)
    • Should HL7 or NCPDP be involved?
    • Should the scope be limited to how RTPBC is currently defined or should it be reexamined from a consumer perspective
    • Who else needs to be around the table?
    • The IG would include:
    • Questions for consideration:
  • Proposed process for developing a consumer RTPBC IG
    • Identify stakeholders, evaluate technical options, high level business workflows, breakdown current/in flight policy, project milestones and timeline
    • Use Case finalized, business requirements, identify federal or state policy and ONC support required, CARIN WG approves use case approach, confirm inclusion of data elements as part of the HIPAA designated record set
    • Standards timeline, IG buildout, reference and refine IG, communication/coordination of Member/industry input into proposed regulation or guidance
    • Discovery (Who)
    • Requirements (What)
    • Standards (How)
  • Timeline
    • PoCP – has worked with NCPDP on RTPBC for a few years and will assist with technical requirements
    • Proposed completion date of Q3 2019
    • Leavitt Partners will convene, manage meetings, and assist with developing some of the initial use case work
    • Point of Care Partners (PoCP) will assist in creating the technical requirements
    • There may be opportunities to bring in outside resources or members within the project may be able to do the reference implementation
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