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Chair:  Hugh

Scribe:  Boris


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Agenda Topics

Timeboxing: AR - as required   ITA - if time allows


Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Decision Link(if not child)

10 min

Call to order, Agenda and Approve minutes from June 16th

Approved by general consent

1 min

Unicom webinar

Subject:      IDMP, FMD and Parallel Trade

Date:          1 July 2020

Time:          3:00 - 4:00 pm CEST

Presenter:   Jean Gonzague Fontaine

Moderator:  Christian Hay

Password: 062317

10 min

FHIR to CDISC (CDASH, SDTMIG 3.2). PSS Rhonda Facile

Further review

Postponed until next week.

10 minCDISC Lab Semantics in FHIR project publication request

Please look at section 49 onward in advance

Updated stakeholder, vendor, and provider lists. (Sponsors were not on the pick list.)

Rhonda motioned to approve, Smita second, no abstentions, no objections, 14-0-1.

5 min

PQ/CMC Jira trackers:

FHIR-25961 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Associating fees/costs to a case

Going to a non-BR&R resource, resolved for BR&R. 

FHIR mappings to and from BRIDG: Smita / Wendy

Aim to provide overview of the mappings that have been done and the justification for them.

Comments captured in the slides


ResearchSubject Issue:

FHIR-27032 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Consent resource for ResearchSubject

Postponed until next week.

Next agenda topics

Consent resource for ResearchSubject

Action items