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Chair: Hugh Glover



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Approve minutes from June 9th

Approved by general consent


Starting next meeting, will be using Zoom.

Hugh will provide the invite.

Ignore the dial-in info on the HL7 conference call reminder.

CDISC Mapping PSS Rhonda Facile


A double ballot, CDISC and HL7.

Recognize the joint copyright.

Identify co-sponsors.

Intended use: a snapshot "pipeline" for moving the data between FHIR and CDISC sources.

Needs to be tested before the IG is approved.

Need to be presented in a computable format to allow testing. Expected to be in JSON/XML in addition to Excel. Mostly gap analysis, not the code to convert FHIR to CDISC. The form of the deliverable needs to be flashed out.

Expected to be updating the mapping at a later time as the standards evolve.

The mapping is expected to be available as part of HL7 specs.

Need to clarify if the requirement of three Connectathon implementations would be applicable to this project. 

Need to evaluate the feasibility of putting on the January '21 ballot.

Will update the PSS later in the week.

Motion to approve - Smita/Peter - Jane and Ian abstained - no objections - 12-0-2 - approved.

FHIR mappings to BRIDG, CDISC: Smita, Christi ...

Discussion postponed until next week.

Interest in identifying interests / use cases across NIH.

E.g. a benefit for the CCDH project.

Need to differentiate between conceptual mapping (to BRIDG) and data exchange mapping (FHIR).

Agreed that given the existing CDISC-BRIDG mapping, this work can be used by CDISC to inform the FHIR mapping above.  To be discussed.

PQ/CMC Jira trackers:

FHIR-25941 - Getting issue details... STATUS  RegulatedAuthorization.subject lacks references

FHIR-25961 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Associating fees/costs to a case

25941: Peter/Norman motioned to approve the changes, Ian abstained, no negatives, 11-0-1, approved. 

25961: may be resubmitted against a different work group.

ResearchSubject Issue:

FHIR-27032 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Consent resource for ResearchSubject

Lab IGNext week, will review CDISC Lab Semantics in FHIR project publication request.
Mapping ResearchSubject to sources

Device related discussion

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