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Approve minutes from May 5th

Approved by general consent


January 2021 Ballot Cycle
June 5, 2020 Submit Work Group Approved PSS to the PMO
August 23, 2020 TSC Approval of the PSS
November 1, 2020 NIB Deadline

  • CDISC have very limited time to achieve the January submission deadline.  Hugh Gloverwill make sure Rhonda Facileis aware of the timescale.


Draft agenda

Q3-Q4 (times listed in EST) is a preferred timeframe for most members, but doesn't work for Australia. 

Will be done with Zoom for the entire virtual WGM.

Wed, Q3: Discuss how BRIDG could provide a shared domain model with LHS. Chris Chute will join. Will also add an update about the new BRIDG website, time permitting.

Wed, 10 am: A joint Product discussion with OO.

  • There do not appear to be any ballot resolution for the RPS reaffirmation Hugh Gloverto check

Consent Issues

FHIR-26869 - Getting issue details... STATUS   FHIR-27032 - Getting issue details... STATUS

David Pyke joining at 16:30 Eastern

TIcket 26829 updated with discussion.

  • Hugh Gloverto remove consent attribute from ResearchSubject
  • Use of Consent for ClinicalResearch would be a worthwhile topic for the September connectathon

Ticket 27032 will be actioned by David Pyke

Device Related Issues - Andy Iverson

FHIR-26866 - Getting issue details... STATUS   FHIR-26867 - Getting issue details... STATUS   FHIR-26868 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Ticket 26866 discussed and updated

Other tickets postponed

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