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Work Group: BR&R

Please record attendance here: 2020-09 WGM Attendance

Joint/Shared sessions are in RED.  All times are Eastern

SessionEventCommentsMinute Taker

Mon Q5

4 to 5:30

  • Adverse Event Profile - with Patient Care

Patient Care

Mon Q6


Vulcan BoF session
not required

Tue Q2

10 to 11:30

  • UNICOM Project (joint with Pharmacy)
  • IDMP Resources and Examples

UNICOM Initial Gap Analysis document provided. 

Tue Q3

12 to 1:30

no meeting
not required

Tue Q4

2 to 3:30

  • NCI Data Commons update
    1. CRDC recap/introduction 
    2. NCI CRDC use cases for dbGaP from SSD, CDS. 
      • Implications for ResearchStudy, ResearchSubject and Specimen
    3. GA4GH  -- Discovery Search
      • CRDC as a GA4GH driver
      • GA4GH use of FHIR.
      • Model schema/representation.
    4. Center for Cancer Data Harmonization (CCDH) FHIR related work
      • Gaps they found in ADM/CDM mapping
      • Terminologies and FHIR

Tue Q5

4 to 5:30

  • FHIR_I general session

not required

Wed Q2

10 to 11:30

  • Inspection and Licensing Resources (Health Canada)
  • PQ/CMC Project Update

Wed Q3

12 to 1:30

  • SPL resources and profiles 

Wed Q4

2 to 3:30

  • Planning future work and clarify roles and responsibilities of BR&R

Thur Q1

8 to 9:30

OO session on Device and DeviceDefinitionnot required

Thur Q2

10 to 11:30

  • Actions to mature resources
  • ResearchSubject development

Thur Q3

12 to 1:30

  • ResearchSubject development

Thur Q4

2 to 3:30

  • Tracker items

Pharmacy being asked questions for PQ/CMC

Fri Q1

8 to 9:30

Possible OO session on Substance, PackagedProductnot required
Fri Q2
  • Healthcare Product and Research sample - joint with OO

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  1. Hi Hugh Glover, the HL7 plenary agenda shows that O+O is hosting BR&R and others at 10:00am ET on Thursday (vs. 8:00am ET).  Do you know which is correct?

    1. I've asked the question.

      1. 10 ET Thursday is an OO session as stated here - BR&R welcome to attend but not a formal joint.  BR&R not meeting then.

        1. I thought BR&R was meeting 10ET Thursday, to talk about ResearchSubject?  (the same time that O+O says they are meeting with BR&R and Devices)  

          1. Sorry - I meant 8ET Thursday not 10ET

  2. I've checked the agenda against Whova and they should all agree now (smile)