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Project Information

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Published CDA R2 Dental Data Exchange Implementation Guide

Published FHIR Dental Data Exchange Implementation Guide

Project Description: 

  • Currently, there is no standard for the exchange of discrete dental observations between dental providers. While some Dental EHRs have implemented the C-CDA for data exchange, it was built primarily for medical care, and does not include the structured data elements necessary for use by dental providers.
  • The Dental IG WG plans to develop the necessary CDA templates and supporting implementation guidance to extend the existing C-CDA 2.1 CCD document template to contain the discrete Dental Data called for in the ANSI/ADA 1084 standard. The ultimate objective is to publish an HL7 CDA Implementation Guide that provides a Dental CCD document template and supporting section and entry templates.

Key Contributors:

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  • (Dec 2022) - Published STU standards for both CDA and FHIR - focusing on piloting/testing
  • A Payer/Provider Information Exchange (PPIE) WG project
  • PSS approved by US Realm Steering Committee - Dental Data Exchange (CDA and FHIR) PSS

Project Documents

The following are living documents updated by the team on a frequent basis. These files will drive discussion during WG calls.

For version control purposes, please contact Manisha Khatta if you would like to make edits/additions to a file.

ADA Standard No. 1084_May 2019.pdfADA Standard No. 1084 (May 2019)
data mapping of 1084 to CCDA
original use case document from Col Baez
details of use cases
DentalExchange_UseCaseDiagrams_20191209.pptxDiagrams of exchange use cases and prioritization of content within those exchanges.
HL7_Dental_Encounter_Referral_Template.xlsxReferral Example Use Case - Homework Assignment (for WG to complete before Jan 6th)
HL7_Dental_Encounter_Referral_Compilation.xlsxAggregate use case scenarios from WG members
Initial draft of Volume 1 C-CDA Implementation Guide
dental-condition-proposal.xmlDraft FHIR Dental Condition Example
dental-observation-proposal.xmlDraft FHIR Dental Observation Example
DentalData_IGSamples.pptxDraft Device examples with UDI 



DOD Dental Referral Program references


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