Chair:  Christol Green Alberto S. Llanes  

Scribe: Alberto S. Llanes

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Review HL7 Anti-Trust Policy

HL7 code of conduct:

Christol read the Antitrust statement.
ManagementMinutes Approval 4/26/22Minutes approved by consensus.

New Proposals and PSS for review - PIE comments or interest

  1. Project Proposals 
    1. PSS-2090 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    2. PSS-2088 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. Project Scope Statements
    1. PSS-2091 - Getting issue details... STATUS
* PSS-2090 Electronic Product Information - Reviewed and not needing to be involved at this time.
* PSS-2088 Standard Patient Health Records - establish standard personal health records used in PHR applications. Demonstrate how to incorporate the record into various diagnostic algorithms and clinical workflows. "PIE would like to have this team present this project information with our team. Can we schedule on next week PIE's call?" was entered. Christol will also send them an email.
* PSS- 2091 IG for standardization of physical activity. Looking at GRAVITY to have a measurement for physical activity. We decided to be interested parties.

Mark, Cille

CARIN Digital ID Card update

* Cille Kissel and Mark Roberts finised responding to and voting on issues. The next step is to move them forward. Everyone who voted negative has been contacted to allow them to withdraw negative votes. Intent to pubish has been sent to the FHIR IG facilitator.
* Now we are doing a walkthrough of the IG to look for errors or warnings and have vote from PIE WG to get on the FMG agenda.
* We also went through the QA report (link at bottom of IG). zero errors, warnings, hints. We had to supporess a few messages, see US Core ticket FHIR-34240. We also had to supporess that we are using a terminology supported by HL7, but not the validation of the code that we're using.
* Mark motioned to approve the final content of IG and move to publication request.
* Cille seconded.
* There was no discussion.
* Mike Cabral abstained.
* Not counting Christol, 12-1-0
* Mark to fill out the publication readiness checklist.


CDex review:

  1. We have prepared proposed dispositions and listed 27 trackers below for CDEX May 2022 Ballot Block Vote 1. The Block Vote will take place on the June 13th Patient Care 2nd Monday Co-Chair Call. Several of these trackers are reopened from prior ballot cycles since they had resolutions of "Considered for Future Use" and ... the future is now. If there are any items below that you would like to withdraw from the block vote for discussion on the weekly CDEX Project Call (meeting link). Please email me or respond on this stream. The Patient Care meeting details are here:

2.  Solicited attachments and ppt slide 

3. Solicited spreadsheet review from WGM updates

* CDEX - 27 tracking items in a block vote. Brought up CDex Attachments Solution deck that was brought by Christol and Durwin to take to finance community for approval. Solution: spec are FHIR/RESTful transactions fully compatible with X12 transactions are required by HIPAA.
* New Functionality - FHIR based approach for submitting attachments was in ballot.
* Two versions of claims attachment, claims and prior auth. Finished review of deck.
* Reviewed RFAI 277 278 Payer to Provider fields for review. We had gone therough claims attachments sheets and prior auth and pulled out what fields we thought were required into, "Sheet 1."
* Reviewed

We'll be meeting tomorrow on CDEX to discuss if any changes need to be made.

open floor

 Adjourned at 3:30 PM EDT

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