Facilitator:  Durwin Day Christol Green Alberto S. Llanes 

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Alberto S. Llanes, PhD

Christol Green

Cille Killel Watkins

Mark Roberts

Chris Cioffi

Robin Isgett

Alix Goss

Durwin Day


Mark Krebs

Mary Winter

Susan L Langford

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Review ANSI Anti-Trust Policy

The Antitrust Policy was read by Christol Green.
Management Minutes Approval 3/1Minutes were approved.

New Proposals and PSS for review - PIE comments or interest

  1. Project Proposals 
  2. Project Scope Statements       
    1. PSS-1936 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    2. PSS-1964 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    3. PSS-1959 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • PSS-1936 not interested
  • PSS-1964 requested periodic updates
  • PSS-1959 not interested

Cille, Mark, Adam

CARIN Digital ID Card Block Vote 6

CARIN Digital Insurance Cared IG - Block Vote 6

  • We previously went over 6 (terminology) and additional 5 that were more substantive. No one wanted to extract any from the block vote.
  • Motion by Mark Roberts, Second by Cille Killel Watkins to proceed with block vote. One abstention (Alix Goss) 12 affirmative, 0 negative. 

Additional Note: EPIC withdrew it's negative vote.


HL7 feed back on FHIR R5


HL7 Provided Options for Feedback
1 HL7 gave us option to publish R5 with normative content
2 Hold R5 off completely
3 Publish R5 as "trial use"

PIE WG recommended option 3 so as to allow usage and comments on future updates.

Option #3: Publish R5 as “trial-use”
In this option, we go ahead and publish R5 as soon as we can – hopefully towards the end of this year, but call all of the R5 changes ‘trial-use’, even the changes made to the content presently labelled normative. This allows us to test out changes to normative content but then make further changes before calling the changes ‘normative’ in R6. This reduces the procedural load associated with R5, and it appears reasonable to expect that we would get it published this year

We discussed whether we wanted to look at USCDI v3.

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