Facilitator:  Christol Green

Scribe: Robin Isgett  





xLaurie Burckhardt
xMary Lynn Bushman
xAlix Goss
xMike Denison
xTony Benson
xSusan Landford
xCeline Lefebvr
      x         Mary Winter

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LaurieBallot Reconciliation

Reviewed Celine's comments 1-7.   Comment #1 section 2.4.  #2 Duplicate of29 & 35.  #3 section 3.1.1.  #4 section 3.3.1 withdrawn.  #5, #6 left

open.  need examples for section 4.2.3.  Christol, Laurie and Mary Lynn will meet to go over this section.    #7  keep open progress note LOINC

is 11506-3.  Make clear regarding solicited vs unsolicited. 


Mary Lynn moved for vote to approve comments.  Alix seconded the motion.  Block vote on comments #1-7.

VOTE:  8-1-0

Adjourned at 3:30 PM EST

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