Facilitator:  Russell Ott Christol Green Durwin Day

Scribe: Robin Isgett  


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 Minutes Approval 6/30

Laurie commented that Structured Docs did not bring up  the issue regarding Attachment Control Number during the Thursday meeting.  Discussion followed about the use of OID as it applies to ACN.  Currently, a general OID is used with Null flavor.  Russ commented that it should be a globally unique identifier, but there is no structure in base CDA framework to put it in.  Laurie stated that the use of Null flavor is discussed in the ACP guide in section 3.4.1.  Mary Lynn stated that they are live with attachments and there is no need to get an ACN from CDA because it is in the 275 envelope.  Matching criteria would need an ACN once the 275 wrapper is dropped.  Russ suggested examples below: 

Russ proposed the following to be presented to the Structured Docs workgroup on Thursday 07/09/20:

Approved by consensus
Project Health

1212 Project - HL7 Attachments Supp Guide for exchange of C-CDA base doc-IG DSTU r1

1048 Project -HL7 IG for CDA r2 - supplement to the Consolidated CDA r2 for additional attachment templates r1 (Bob D)

Consolidated CDA Additional Attachment Templates - Withdrawl

1536 Project - Dental Attachment Guide to combine (Russ/Jean)

1389- ACP - not publishing as WEDI has published (Durwin)  Needs formal request to publish.

1537- Not our project 2nd request to HQ to remove from our list of projects

Need updated PSS (refresh the project and re-ballot)

ACTION: Russ to draft frame for PSS - Laurie will edit it as appropriate.

Motion: Move forward with refresh PSS and ballot in Late Fall 2020, Motion: Christol, Second: Laurie,  Vote:10/0/0

Withdraw vote and Close project vote

Close project vote

Close?  checking with HQ

Corrected moved to Biomedical Research and Regulation (BRR WG)

 Adjourned at 3:33pm EST

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