Facilitator:   Durwin Day Russell Ott

Scribe: Russell Ott   






Jean Narcisi

xRachel Foerster
xSusan Langford
xLaurie Burckhardt
xGreg Zeller
xMary Lynn Bushman
xJeff Brown
xLorraine Doo
xSonya May
xSherry Wilson
xMike Denison
xLisa Nelson
xDurwin Day

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Cross Paradigm Storyboard - Payer Perspective, Value-Based Care

Need 2 votes on 3/31:

1) Block vote to approve outstanding comments

2) Vote indicating the workgroup approves the comment spreadsheet as fully reconciled

Planned votes for 4/14:

1) Vote to approve publication request

ACTION: Russ to check with Lynn on the approval steps needed for publication (Steering Committees, Management Groups, etc.)

PIE WG - Project Cleanup

1) ACP project (#1389)- negatives have been requested to be withdrawn.  Next step is to work with Dave on closing the project

2) HL7 Attachments Supplemental Guide for the Exchange of C-CDA Based Documents -- Implementation Guide DSTU Release 1

  • We need to extend the STU for this, as it's the current reference the community is going to for Attachment-specific implementation guidance, and was also referenced in the ACP whitepaper
  • This guide also needs to be updated to include guidance from the Orthodontic Attachment IG addressing where the claim re-association ID belongs when documentation is generated in response to a documentation request. - Laurie Burckhardt offers to help update
  • ACTION: Durwin and Laurie to draft the updated project scope statement to revise this guide for vote in the PIE WG.

San Antonio WG meeting planning

Durwin is working on plans for the Payer Summit at the May WGM

  • Right now no official decision has been made whether or not the event will occur, be remote, or be cancelled
  • If it is cancelled, our next WGM will be in Baltimore in September

 Adjourned at 3:14pm

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