2020-02-18 PIE WG Meeting Minutes

Facilitator:  Christol Green Durwin Day Russell Ott

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Meeting minutes from 01/21/20 approved. VOTE: 17-0-3


PSS- Reed or Dr. Brody

SkinWound Assessment FHIR IG PSS co-sponsorship
Reed summarized the PSS. Per the request of a co-chair, the proponents for the attached PSS are distributing this info about this voting item for your Feb. 18 meeting agenda.
You may recall that Attachments/PIE co-sponsored the PSS for the Podiatry Profile. This PSS derives from that work.
In sum the SkinWoundAssessment (SWA) is a FHIR 4.0 conformance-testable Implementation Guide for a proof-of-concept data object illustrating scientifically reproducible, inter-operator consistent data quality attributes. This is, as far as we know, the first demonstration of how the enrichment of data quality attributes in FHIR 4.0 can be used in a real-world environment supporting both clinical utility and Data Quality science definitions of accuracy. The high variance in data quality in EHR records, resulting in "why should I trust this?", is a major source of clinician burden and burnout.
The Skin Wound Assessment was chosen for its relatively large end-use applications, high stakeholder interest, plus the availability of extensive peer-reviewed literature defining relevant attributes of wounds and those attributes' existence in, for example, SNOMED.
The clinical payload is initially small as is the breadth/depth of data quality assurance attributes. For purposes of Provider/Payer interests, our payer contacts have expressed significant interest in how this framework could inform attachments design.
Our current scenario, as represented in the IG differentiates FDA-approved wound measure device data origination from human-originated measure so that the scientific rigor differences can be retained in the exchangeable object.
Our request is that you vote to co-sponsor this continuing work for the September ballot where it will also be in the Connectathon.
Here's the current build site:


AEGIS is our conformance verification partner, Tissue Analytics' wound measurement device is the device data source, Registry Clearinghouse is the intermediary, and we're securing at least one EHR source plus one mock EHR source to represent exchange. Our WG has participation from clinicians, risk insurers, vendors, US compliance SME, Social Determinants SME, followed also by payers.
The due-date for the PSS is February 21st thus the importance of the Feb. 18 vote. A representative of this work will attend your meeting on the 18th.
For those going to HIMSS, this work will be featured in a presentation at the HL7 booth on Wednesday at 11:40AM.
Thank you for your consideration.
Russ asked why PIE was chosen to co-sponsor and what our involvement would be. Christol stated that Anthem was interested and there were ongoing discussions at HIMSS to comply with Anthem's specifications for Da Vinci's template for prior auth. She also pointed out that the workgroup name needed to be changed to PIE in the document.
Christol moved to approve co-sponsoring the PSS and Durwin seconded.
VOTE: 19-0-1

SWA PSS February 2020 DRAFT Attachments Pending.docx


HL7 Sydney meeting – Christol summarized the conference. See link to Sydney meeting notes.

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Adjourned at 3:22 PM


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