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The FHIR 4.0 Coverage Resource can be found here:  http://hl7.org/fhir/coverage.html


Project health-Inventory of projects we need to address, and the actions we’re planning on taking.

  1. Vote on VBC  Cross Paradigm health story- 

    Lisa or Lenel send us the final reconciled spreadsheet for VBC Health Story.

    We are going to take a final vote so we have it documented in the minutes next Tuesday one the PIE call.

    Looks like it was finalized in the Jan 2019 San Antonio WG meeting, but the final vote is not documented in minutes.

    So if you can forward the final spreadsheet and final artifact to be published (the Guide) we will take it from there.  Russ will assist with publishing and draft the publication request (unless you would like to do that).  Then we will have to get approval from the work group.

  2. Guidance on Implementation of Standard Electronic Attachments for Health Care Transactions (ACP - Attachment Collaboration Project) - Durwin -negatives to resolve Floyd and C? withdrawn.  Ask for publication not needed as on WEDI.  Note in ballot spreadsheet that sent out withdraw spreadsheet.  Close - let Dave Hamil know this is now not an active project.
  3. HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA R2 -- Supplement to the Consolidated CDA R2 for Additional Attachment Templates, Release 1 - Extend STU
  4. HL7 Attachments Supplemental Guide for the Exchange of C-CDA Based Documents -- Implementation Guide DSTU Release 1 - Extend STU
  5. HL7 CDA R2 Periodontal Attachment Implementation Guide: Exchange of C-CDA Based Documents, Release 1 - US Realm. Was approved to extend the STU on 1/7
  6. Attachments Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) living document - Vote to close project - CLose 1/7 approved
  7. HL7 CDA R2 Orthodontic Attachment Implementation Guide, Release 1 - US Realm? Publication request. 


Joint meeting with FM in Sydney.  Who will be in attendance?

Travel Visa needed for Australia

Christol sent out link to PIE list serve
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