2020-01-07 Meeting Minutes

Facilitator:   Russell Ott, Christol Green, Durwin Day

Scribe: Robin Isgett   






Craig Newman



Dave De Roode



Greg Zeller



Jean Narcisi



Rebekah Fiehn



Stanley Nachimson



Taha Anjarwalla



Mary Lynn Bushman



Rose Hodges



Frank McKinney



Rachel Foerster


Agenda Topics

Agenda Outline

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

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Minutes Approval 12/10

Minutes approved unanimously


1) Request approval of fully reconciled Orthodontic Attachment IG ballot comments (completed June 2019, but never officially approved by the WG as "completed")
PIE workgroup approved by VOTE: 23-0-0
2) Request approval of STU Extension request for the Periodontal Attachment IG:
CDAR2 Periodontal Attachment IG - STU Extension Request
PIE workgroup approved by VOTE: 23-0-0

Will request approval of publication package at next (01/21/20) PIE WG meeting:
Orthodontic Attachment IG Publication Request
New draft publication package posted to members-only files of PIE WG:

Confluence under PIE WG Projects Project Documents

Publication Request: https://confluence.hl7.org/display/ATT/Orthodontic+Attachment+IG+Publication+Request
Draft Publication Package: http://www.hl7.org/documentcenter/public/wg/ca/CDAR2_IG_ORTHO_ATTACH_STU_R1_2020JAN.zip


Revisit PIE attendance at Sydney WGM? Several PIE and FM attendees will be at the conference to fulfill Quorum.
Do we need an out-of-cycle meeting? It appears that an out of cycle meeting may not be necessary.

Mary Kay 6 already confirmed for FM in Sydney. We will be joint sessions and working on agenda.


Discuss revised Dental Exchange PSS – The TSC approved the project on 01/06/20. See link with Word file with tracked changes. Dave walked through FHIR v4 and PIE updates within the document. Assume the FHIR changes will be approved. Add FHIR to management group for expanded scope. Rachel asked if needed X12 mapping, Jean replied that there were none.
PIE workgroup approved by VOTE: 23-0-0

Structured Docs and Patient Care must also vote to approve.

Dental CCD Implementation Guide PSS


PIE Health Status: 
Inventory of projects we need to address, and the actions we're planning on taking. Expired STUs taken off the list. Any reconciled spreadsheets for projects need to be uploaded.

Insight #964: Consents (3 types) – CDA R2 Vote to close project VOTE: 20-0-0
Insight # 1415 Attachments FAQ living document. Vote to close the project VOTE: 20-0-0
Russ will follow-up on # 1347, 1389, 1402, 1048 and 1212.
Insight# 1274 HL7 CDA R2 Periodontal – motion to extend since BCBSAL is testing. On schedule per Jean. For next discussion, agree to move forward on remaining projects or close them.



Next meeting will be on January 21st, 2020.



Adjourned at 3:15 PM EST


Supporting Documents

Outline Reference

Supporting Document

Minute Approval

See meeting minutes under PIE in Confluence

Orthodontic Imp Guide

See link

Dental CCD Imp guide PSS

See link

Inventory of Projects List

See Healthcheck document in Confluence

Action items

  • Christol will follow-up to see who will be attending HL7 in Sydney.
  • Russ will follow up on projects in inventory.
  • Workgroup to review Orthodontic attachment IG .  
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