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Facilitator:  Durwin Day Christol Green Russell Ott

Scribe: Robin Isgett   







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ManagementMinutes Approval 12/10


1) Request approval of fully reconciled Orthodontic Attachment IG ballot comments (completed June 2019, but never officially approved by the WG as "completed")


2) Request approval of STU Extension request for the Periodontal Attachment IG:

CDAR2 Periodontal Attachment IG - STU Extension Request

Will request approval of publication package at next PIE WG meeting:

Orthodontic Attachment IG Publication Request

New draft publication package posted to members-only files of PIE WG:


Revisit PIE attendance at Sydney WGM?

Do we need an out-of-cycle meeting?

Mary Kay 6 already confirmed for FM in Sydney. We will be joint sessions and working on agenda.
Russ / Dave

Discuss revised Dental Exchange PSS

Dental Data Exchange (CDA and FHIR) PSS

Christol/Russ/DurwinPIE Health Status: 

Inventory of projects we need to address, and the actions we’re planning on taking.

 Adjourned at

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