2019-12-10 Meeting Minutes

Facilitator:   Russell Ott

Scribe: Robin Isgett   






Ben Hanley



Celine Lefebvre



Lorraine Doo



Mark Krebs



Jean Narcisi



Susan Langford



Laurie Woodrome



Mary Lynn Bushman



Rose Hodges



Terrence Cunningham



Mary Dooley



Rachel Foerster



Sonya May


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Christol and Durwin not on call because they were attending the Da Vinci CDEX Connectathon in Philadelphia.

Minutes Approval 11/12

Jean moved to approve minutes, Ben seconded. Terry, Celine, Rose and Mary abstained since they did not attend the meeting. VOTE: 9-0-4



Orthodontic Attachments Implementation Guide reconciliation spreadsheet. Ready for publication and needs approval from the workgroup. See link.

Confluence under PIE WG Projects Project Documents


Below is a summarization of the approved proposals for the 12/03/19 Harmonization meeting. See link for full details of final documents.

  • V2Add new identifier types to HL70203In order to support data exchange for Digital Pathology (IHE profile for Image Acquisition)Acceptable With Mod. Needs sponsor approval date. Approved 10/10/2019 for Final.
  • V2Add 2 new codes to Blood Product Transfusion/Disposition Status (HL70513)In order to support data exchange for Transfusion Medicine Administration (IHE profile TMA) need to add 2 new codes for Blood Product Transfusion/Disposition Status and update print names and definition for the existing codes to upgrade table to current expectationsComplete, acceptable As-Is. Note that text under Issue says 3 concepts?
  • V3Create CUIMark Obligation CodeAt ActCode_ActPolicyType.SecurityPolicy.ObligationPolicy.PRIVMARK Create Leaf Concept CUIMark (CUI Mark)Unacceptable. Appears to be a duplicate of the previous proposal wth just a different filename. Final proposal appears complete.
  • V3Comply with Policy Obligation CodesCreate an abstract parent Obligation Policy code with children specifying what type of Policy for which compliance is required.Acceptable With Mod Unclear the details. What is to be changed for CPLYPOL? When codes are placed 'under' a leaf code it becomes specializable; it is a leaf only because it has no child codes currently. Not clear what all the changes need to be. Do the existing codes get moved, or are they child codes under both parents? Issues appear addressed in Final.
  • V3UPGRADER Role CodeRole code system is missing a classifier Upgrader Role. Other associated Roles are already included. Complete, acceptable As-Is.
  • V3FIX a) HIPAAConsentActCode_ActPrivacyLaw.a)HIPAAConsent has erroneous code. Should not have "a)" in the code. Simply need to remove "a)".Acceptable With Mod. Note that code strings cannot be 'revised'. Codes are not removed either; they must be marked as 'inactive' or 'retired' and are replaced by the new code value. The proposal should be updated to reflect this reality. Issues appear to be addressed
  • V3CDS CompartmentCreate a Compartment Security Label tag for CDS (Clinical Decision Support System) to support authorizing CDS to access information to which system end users may not be authorized due to restrictive privacy policies in order to enable patient safety alerts where e.g., an unauthorized provider may be ordering a medication or procedure, which is contraindicated based on masked information in the patient's record.Acceptable With Mod. Needs final sponsor approval date. Recommendation Details does not specify code system. Issues addressed OK.
  • V3Specialize MDHHS Consent Directive codesThe current MDHHS-5515 Michigan Consent to Share Behavioral Health Information for Care Coordination Purposes is actually a compound consent directive under two different laws. In order to efficiently design a security label for governed information, two children codes are needed.Acceptable With Mod. Needs sponsor approval date. The proposal ID should not be a pound sign. Note that adding leaf concepts to another leaf automatically turns the destination leaf into a specializable concept. Issues appear to be addressed in Final.
  • V3/CDAAdd video codes to mediaType"This is a re-submission of this proposal now that all of the groups noted below have approved during the Atlanta WGM. Previously this request was titled "Change MediaType to an External Code System" but the focus has changed to adding codes to the existing external- internal (EI) HL7 code system and push fixing the alignment of this EI code system to the external content into a later harmonization cycle. Current request: Add 4 new codes, that represent known existing web mediatype codes, to the HL7 mediaType code system (2.16.840.1.113883.5.79) to support the identification of video media types needed in Personal Advance Care Plan."Complete, acceptable As-Is.



PIE attendance in Sydney:

  • Most people on the call were not going to be attending the conference in Sydney. The following are planning to attend: Crystal, Durwin, Mark Krebs, Jean Narcisi and Greg Zeller. Russ will follow-up with an E-mail to the PIE workgroup to see if Quorum is reached. The meeting agenda for Sydney will be available at the 01/07/19 conference call to see if there is enough work that would justify an out-of-cycle meeting.


Open Floor:

Rachel asked about the C-CDA FHIR version of implementation guide approved by Structured Docs for publication. A discussion regarding updating PIE imp guide ensued. The group will revisit specifics in current guides in regard to FHIR references. Russ will talk to Rick Geimer to see if he will present something to the group. Also discussed Da Vinci CDEX.

Next meeting will be on January 7th, 2019.



Adjourned at 3:05 PM EST


Supporting Documents

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Supporting Document

Minute Approval

See meeting minutes under PIE in Confluence

Orthodontic Imp Guide

See link

Harmonization Final

See link

Action items

  • Russ will follow-up with an E-mail to see who will be attending HL7 in Sydney.
  • Co-chairs will work on meeting agenda for Sydney.
  • Review PIE implementation guides for FHIR references.  
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