2019-11-12 Meeting Minutes

Facilitator:  Durwin Day Christol Green Russell Ott

Scribe: Robin Isgett   






Ben Hanley



Jeff Brown



Lorraine Doo



Mark Krebs



Mike Denison



Susan Langford



Robert Dieterle



Alka Mukker


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Minutes Approval 10/29

Jeff moved to approve minutes, Ben seconded. VOTE: 12-0-0



Da Vinci Connectathon in Philly Dec 11-12  CDEX – See link.
Recommend participation if member of Da Vinci in 2020. Christol and Durwin will host the CDEX track. Lorraine stated that there was a CMS connectathon in January and that Da Vinci use cases will be used. It is a free event in Baltimore. Bob stated that the expectation is that people who will be at HIMSS should attend both connectathons. There are 11 use cases to refine. It is a dress rehearsal for the HIMSS meeting in Orlando in February. It is important to get the implementation guide ready since the HIMSS meeting will reference the CMS/ONC NPRM. 



VOTE: Carin Blue Button - co-sponsor PIE and receive updates.

From the meeting last week, Durwin volunteered PIE as co-sponsor of the PSS for Carin Blue Button. Christol moved to approve PSS as co-sponsor with level of involvement, Bob seconded. VOTE: 12-0-0

See PSS under FM, documentation, PSS Carin Blue Button


Key Reference Guide Review updates:

  1. HL7 Implementation Guidance for Unique Object Identifiers, Release 1(Mary Lynn/ Christol) – Christol read list of findings:
  • Difficult to read because it is too technical. Will ask Rick Griemer to make it more user friendly.
  • Co-editor names of people no longer participating in HL7.
  • Document level OIDS for structured templates.
  • Informative document, change to V2 and re-date.
  • Question for Da Vinci – Since FHIR does not use OIDS, do we need to map to URLs?
  • Names in links.
  • References to ICD-9 should be changed to ICD-10.
  • Change AWG to PIE.
  • Question for Keith and Rick – If we make changes, do we need to re-ballot?
  1. Others to review?
  • Guidance on Implementation of Standard Electronic Attachments for Healthcare Transactions - Susan reviewed the ACP guide. Since the guide was a collaboration between WEDI, HL7 and X12, the original team should help with changes. Must be approved by all three groups. Went through highlighted changes on the screen. It was suggested to do a maintenance effort to validate references to versions, links, etc. Christol suggested Laurie Burkhardt for reviewing the guide. Lorraine commented that the guide was valuable and should remain up-to-date. Mike Denison volunteered to help. Technically still an open project. An example of another open project is the FAQ document because of ongoing maintenance.
  • Durwin and Lisa have not met to go over the
  • Periodontal - Russ stated that there was clean-up to be done since an expired STU. The table of contents is not "clickable".


Open Floor:

Christol stated that Regenstrief approved the two LOINC codes that were requested during the September conference. They will be added to the HIPAA tab in the December release.

  • 94093-2 for Itemized bill

  • 94118-7 for Medical records in response to authorization denial

    Next meeting will be on November 26th, 2019 unless canceled for the Holiday.



Adjourned at 3:25 PM EST


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See meeting minutes under PIE in Confluence

Carin Blue Button PSS

See link

Action items

  • Russ will follow-up for overall recommendations with the other volunteers.
  • Christol and Mary Lynn agreed to make the changes to the OID document.
  • Susan will contact the ACP members to help review the Attachment guide.  
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