Facilitator:  Christol Green Russell Ott

Scribe: @Robin Isgett  








Chris Cioffi


Rose Hodges


Jean Narcisi


Greg Zeller


Jeff Brown


Joe Quinn


Tim McNeil


Susan Langford


Tony Benson


Laurie Burckhardt

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Review HL7 Atlanta Meeting Minutes

As scribe, Robin stated that there is some clean-up to do in the minutes, plus need to add links to supporting documents. Christol added some of her notes to the minutes.
Will add document "HL7 Sept 2019 Plenary , Connectathon and WG notes" to link to it in Confluence. Went over the minutes and summarized each quarter. Talked about the PDex ballot. The DOD and VA are interested in purchase service provider for dental being CDA based implementation, with possible FHIR in the future. Must extend the date. Spoke with Austin.
Greg – Dental CCD project scope states approved by PIE, Structured Docs and Patient Care workgroups. Must now go to CDA Manager, US Realm and Steering TSC.
Mission Statement, Charter, documents did not update the revision date on the trailer of the HL7 web site. The revisions were retained. For the Key References for Implementation. Russ will send E-mail to WG asking for volunteers to review documents. Put together a "to do" list or check list for maintenance of the documents. Revisions could be for new WG name, links not working or a date indicating that the document has expired.
Lisa Nelson attended the US Realm meeting held 10/01. Gravity accelerator projects and social determinates. See scope and add as a link to the conference minutes. As payers, we may be interested for reporting and/or quality measures. May ask for an update each month from Lisa or just wait until the next meeting.

New Dental PSS

Dental calls will be biweekly on Wednesdays at 2:30 PM EST. Automated reminder should go out now that the meetings have been added to the HL7 web page under upcoming calls.


Durwin was not present

Open items

Christol asked Laurie Burckhardt for a summary of the X12 conference. The highlight was the prior auth mapping may be coming soon for the workgroup to review.

Next Meeting

October 15, 2019 2:30 PM EST


Adjourned at 3:28 PM EST

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Atlanta Meeting Minutes

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Dental PSS

Dental Data Exchange (CDA and FHIR) PSS

Action items

  • Finalize Atlanta meeting minutes.
  • Christol will add HL7 notes.
  • Russ to send notice requesting volunteers to review reference documents. 
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