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Management Minutes for 03-26-2019 approved Confluence page.

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Key references for implementing Attachments


HL7 Montreal

FHIR Connectathon - review and support new attendee's next call 4/23

Durwin setting up a call with Henry, Christol and Russ for loading our resource examples to

our Connectathon track. (patient, organizations, etc.)

Who will all be at the HL7 Conf?  Does anyone need a room?  As the block is closed, 

but Christol has 2 bookings from May 3-10th

Ask Rick/Lisa which servers will we be using at the

Connectathon so we can post our examples to that server

Attachments AckAcknowledgement updates?  Mary Lynn

PSS final review

Approval of comment reconciliation from the Cross Paradigm Health Story

ballot last May - Lisa N & Lenel


New work group name

Re-structure the Confluence page with folder to be user friendly

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 AdjournmentNext call 4/23 Adjourned at

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