Facilitator:  Christol Green Russell Ott

Scribe: Robin Isgett





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Management Minutes finalize for HL7 WG conf.Posted on Confluence

Draft May HL7 agenda posted

  • FHIR Connectathon attendance from our workgroup: Durwin, Christol, Henry M, Laurie B, others?
    • we can schedule a prep-session as we get closer to the May meeting

AWG Name Change still in 30 day comment period


HL7 technical Knowledge discussion

Working with X12 on the 824 Application Acknowledgement TR3 and the error codes that will be used in the 824 7030 transaction. Several years ago, we added some 824 error codes to accommodate the HL7 standard however that was before the C-CDA. X12 will need some assistance from HL7 to review the codes and help us identify the codes that will be needed. 

so roll over for next meeting and Mary Lynn will have the codes set list.

Insurance Business Process Application Error Codes • X12 External Code Source 895 , http://www.x12.org/codes/insurance-business-process-application-error-codes/

Need schedule a call on prototype FAQ page with ASD

  • Document "PSS Attachments FAQ" on confluence
Durwin at HIMMS, need a meeting prior to ASD to discuss
Open FloorRachel Suggestion on folder for documents: Da Vinci, FAQs, etc...

 AdjournmentNext call Feb 26th Adjourned at

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