HL7 WG Project Meeting Minutes
Location: Conference Call


Date: 12/04/18Time: 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm Eastern Time




Christol Green



Robin Isgett












Christol Green





Durwin Day





Robin Isgett


Note taker



Mark Krebs





Chris Cioffi





Susan Langford





Laurie Burkhardt


Josh Procious



Russell Ott


Chris Johnson



Jodie Banks


Terry Cunningham



Lorraine Doo


Mary Lynn Bushman



Mike Cabral


Rose Hodges



Rachel Foerster


Henry M






















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Agenda Topics

  1. 11/20 Lenel, Mark, Laurie, Christol and Josh. We decided to move this call out to 12/4 due to lack of attendance and ONC next week.
  2. New AWG Confluence site overview - Josh


  1. Russ – Ortho IG block vote

  1. Durwin ACP Update

  1. HL7 Jan 2019 Agenda and Payer Summit

  1. Mission and Charter AWG 2016 - Mission and Charter Updates

? AWG named in Attachments Rule, is there impact. Durwin follow up with Dan.

Supporting Documents:
Documents are posted on AWG website.
Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

  1. Durwin stated that Lenel could not attend this meeting, but will present during the next meeting. He reminded us of the January 2019 ballot. Update on the ONC meeting.
  2. Josh pulled up the Attachments home page in the Confluence site. He explained space shortcuts, pagetree, space tools, watching other workgroups and for help send E-mail to webmaster@HL7.org.
  3. Russ Ott –

    1. Discussion of where the re-association ID should go. The group recommended using "inFulfillmentOf" in the US Real header from CDAR2-IG.

    1. Ortho Reconciliation. Block vote included 9 comments; 1, 22, 23, 24, 27, 29, 30, 31, and 34. Russ motioned to approve, Durwin seconded the motion. There was no further discussion. Voting results were 20 approved, 0 non-approved and 4 abstained. There are 11 comments left to reconcile. Russ stated that there is a possibility of re-balloting the Periodontal guide to reflect recommendations from the orthodontics comments. The existing document can be revised and presented as a new version.

  1. Durwin had two updates

  1. For the ACP update, Lisa, Durwin and Laurie put the changes in the document and validated it. The request for publication must be approved by HL7.

  1. For the ONC update, announcement regarding a published document about a strategy to reduce the burden of Health IT on providers. The comment period is open until Jan 28th. Slides from the meeting will be made available on ONC site soon. Rachel asked about Da Vinci and prior authorization for next year. Discussed coverage requirement, EHealth record use case being structured for quality measures and provider to payer /payer to provider. Rachel mentioned the Da Vinci newsletter RX use cases for presriotions and medications.

  1. HL7 Jan 2019 payer summit and workgroup agendas are in Confluence. The agenda is not finalized. The FHIR connectathon is Sat and Sun with the Payer summit on Mon and half day Tuesday.
  2. A meeting with Mary Kay will be set up to discuss the new name for the workgroup.

Meeting adjourned at 3:30 PM EST.


  • On-site Jan 2019 meeting agenda needs to be finalized.
  • Russ to meet with Structured Docs to ask if "inFulfillment" can be used for re-association number.
  • Set up meeting with Mary Kay to discuss new workgroup name.

Next Meeting 12/18/18

Dial-in Number: (605) 472-5483 - (US)
Access Code: 161405

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