2019-09-10 PPIE WG Meeting Minutes

Facilitator:  Christol Green

Scribe: @Robin Isgett  








Dawn Perreautl


Rose Hodges


Sherry Wilson


Greg Zeller


Terry Cunningham


Rachel Foerster


Bob Dieterle


Susan Langford

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08/27 Minutes approval

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Results of the TSC election
Affiliate representative – Giorgio Cangioli
Administrative SD – Mary Kay McDaniel
Clinical SD – David Pyke
Infrastructure SD – Rob McClure
Organizational Support SD – Sandy Stuart
The individuals noted above will serve a two-year term beginning January 1, 2020 and concluding Dec 31. 2021
Sept Ballot Tally – Go to Balloting page, and chose an item up for ballot. Click on the tally button to see percentages of type of votes cast.
FHIR at Scale Taskforce (FAST) 101: Information Session on Sept 12th 10-11 EST. See link in Supporting Documents.


HL7 Conf Atlanta Sept 14-19 – X12 is also meeting this week, so attendance may be low for HL7.

Connectathon review – To choose from multiple tracks in Confluence, go to Connectathon 22 and click on tracks. The PPIE workgroup tracks are under 2019-09 Attachment tracks. The CDEX track is an example. Test server http://fhirtest.uhn.ca/baseP4 will be available. Also, chat.fhir.org is available for any questions. There are Hot Links to the CDEX Imp guide. Lisa Nelson will speak on Saturday at lunchtime. Must sign-up for Sandbox interface to see scenarios/resources already built.

Meeting agenda – Bob asked to move Da Vinci Overview for Tuesday Q2 to Monday Q4 in joint meeting with FM. WEDI has requested an overview of 824 Acknowledgement discussion on Tuesday Q1. Attachment document review starts on Wednesday Q4. Susan stated there will not be a joint meeting with FM on Thursday, so it was removed from the agenda. Verified for Rachel that FHIR based CDA was on the agenda Mon Q3.

Open items

Bob stated that Da Vinci will host the Tuesday night party from 5:30 – 7:30 at Max Lager's.

Rachel asked what EHR and CIMI were discussing on Tuesday. Bob speculated that it could be about a common terminology.

Next Meeting

September 14-19 2019 HL7 Conference Atlanta in person.


Adjourned at 2:59

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FHIR at Scale Taskforce (FAST)

The FHIR at Scale Taskforce (FAST): Why, What and How?

Sept Agenda Atlanta

 PIE WGM Sept 14-19, 2019 Agenda

Action items

  • Review Ortho attachment for discussion on Wed Q1.  
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